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The Real West from the Old West Playlist 4-4-12

The Real West from the Old West – AM 1230 AM KOTS


The Real West – Rod Taylor

Casey’s A Cowboy – Brenn Hill – Equine

Roll On Texas Moon – Kristyn Harris – My Mustang, My Martin & Me

These Things Say Freedom To Me – Jean Prescott – America

I’ll Have Somebody Else – Bobby Flores – Festival Favorites

Blaino’s Song – Ian Tyson – Yellowhead To The Yellowstone

Texas Blues – Stephanie Davis – Western Bliss

Branding Time – Yvonne Hollenbeck – Sorting Time

It Took New Mexico – Paul Harris – Cross Halo

Oregon Trail – Joni Harms – Let’s Put The Western Back In The Country

Shortgrass – RW Hampton – Austin To Boston

Swing Me A Song – Chuck Cusimano – Swing Me A Song

John Wayne Hero – The Stardust Cowboys – Ridin’ Back To You

Pretty Words – Jody Nix – Twin Fiddles Turn Me On

Dad We’ll Rope Today – Ken Cook – Dad, We’ll Rope Today

Never Gonna Rain – Dave Stamey – Twelve Mile Road

Route 66 – Tony Smith – It’s A Swing Thing

Arizona Saturday Night – Open Range – Swingtime In The Rockies

We Were Cowboys – RJ Vandygriff – The Cowboy Ain’t Dead Yet Vol. III

Spring Storm – Peggy Malone – Pickin’ Memories

Just A Little Bit Cowgirl – Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers – Breakin’ Out

The Poets Catch Rope – Andy Wilkinson – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 7

I Wanna Lead ‘Em – Brenda Libby – On The Outskirts Of Crazy…

Carhartt Browns – The Texas Trailhands – Cowboy Swing 2

Bucking Horse Moon – Wylie and the Wild West – Buckin’ Horse Moon

If You Ain’t Lovin’ – Carolyn Martin – Swing

Who’s You Sidekick – Way Out West – Down On The Ole Bar None

Take Me Back To Tulsa – Brady Bowen/CB Sutton – In My Spare Time Vol. 5

Bad Job – Andy Hedges – Bad-D Roundup Vol. 7

West Of Dodge – Barry Ward – West Of Dodge

Cochise Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Sierra Vista AZ

Sometimes a gentle nudge is a good thing!  Bill Barwick came through Deming on the way to Sierra Vista, AZ to the Cochise Cowboy Poetry Gathering and we had dinner together when he was here.  He asked if I was going to Sierra Vista and told me…”There is a lot of good talent there…you should come on over.”  That evening I went online and looked at the schedule of performers…and decided to make a day trip over.  So I left Deming at 7:00 am Saturday morning and headed west.  The events started at 10:00 and I arrived about 10:20 to a parking lot with hundreds of cars!!  That was impressive!  On the way in the door I ran into Jean and Gary Prescott so I was excited to get in the door and to an event!

Mary Kaye

The first set I attended  was hosted by friends, Diane Tribitt and Belinda Gail and Mary Kaye was singing!   I had recently received her new CD “No Wilder Place” and she sang “Luckiest Cowgirl.”  What a way to start the day!

Trails & Rails

Morales Brothers

Trails & Rails were as entertaining as they always are and played some wonderful songs.  The Morales Brothers were there from Loredo, TX and had been invited to help Arizona celebrate their 100th Anniversary of Statehood and bring along some music with a Mexican flair to depect the Mexican cultural in Arizona’s history.  They were amazing.  Just a guitar and piano but very talented musicians.  They played a little Mariachi music then entertained us with their rendition of “Dueling Banjos.”  A little different because there were no banjos on the stage but they did a magnificant job with a guitar and piano but it sure did show their talent and brought a standing ovation!  What a treat!

Lindy Simmons

Lindy Simmons delighted the audiance with her poetry.  She recited some clever poetry about real life happenings in her family and had the audiance laughing out loud.

Jim Jones

And then my special treat was to hear Jim Jones sing “Still Ridin’.”  That’s one of my favorite songs from the talented singer, songwriter and author…and friend, Jim Jones.  It was good to see you Jim!

Then the fun started…I had to choose when entertainers I was going to see and get there fast!  The highschool, is huge and when you have never been there it can be a little tricky to find the right room, but I made it.  Over the afternoon I was totally entertained by the following folks.

Greg Scott

Cowgirl True - Diane Tribitt & Belinda Gail

It was great to see you guys work together again!  The combination of Belinda’s songs and Diane’s poetry is wonderful!

Terry Nash

It was so good to meet you face to face Terry!  After all the communications, I knew we had a friendship going, but it was nice to be in your company!

Larry Maurice

It was fun to listen to Larry.  I had never heard him before.  What an entertaining poet!  There are so many people out there that I need to meet!

Paul Harris

Oh, Paul…it was so good to see you again and listen to you sing!  Loved it!

Sam DeLeeuw

Sam…wonderful and entertaining as always! I love “Spreadin’ Sunshine!” Great to see you do it live!  LOL! It was so good to see you again!

Bill Barwick

Bill, it was nice, as always, to listen to you sing!  I really like “The Last Dalton Man” (is that the name?) and I’m looking forward to the CD!  It was so good to have dinner and visit when you were in Deming!  We both really enjoyed it!  Let us know the next time you come through!

Kerry Grombacher

Kerry, it was good to see you again!  The entertainment was great as always!  I love “The Old Cocinero.  It’s a great song!

John Bergstrom

John, it was so good to see you and Diane again!  Hope we get together again soon!  It was a joy to hear you sing “Throw Down The Box” again!

In addition to these entertainers the following gave wonderful performances: Arvel Bird, Buckshot Dot, Nona Kelly Carver, Daughters of the Purple Sage, Elizabeth Ebert, Carole Jarvis, Bud Strom, The Desert Sons, Joyce Woodson, Mary Abbott, Ernie Buhler, Dean Cook, Hank Cramer, Jack DeWerff, Bunny Dryden, Jim Dunham, Mike Dunn, Doug Figgs, Larry Harmer, Sue Harris, Hook Hill, Fred Jones, Steve Lindsey, Peggy Malone, Jon Messenger, End and Lyn Mikell, Warren Miller, Mike Moutoux, Tony Norris, Chuck Pyle, Rena Randall and the Due West Trio, Gail Starr and Way Out West!

The frustrating part of the day was that I didn’t get to listen to everyone I wanted to!  Just too many things going on at the same time.  There were so many talented poets and singers and musicians there that there was not time to see everyone!  Too bad!  My loss!  But…it was a wonderful event put on very professionally.  My hats off to the organizers of the Cochise Cowboy Poetry Gathering!  Next year I hope I can make it over there for the whole shibang!

Reflections from the Western Music Assn. Showcase and Awards Show

I’m home and rested…finally!  It took a while! That was the most jam-packed three days I have spent in some time!  There were old friends to catch up with, new friends to make and lots of music and poetry to soak up!  One of the first familiar faces was Graham Lees, the DJ from Yorkshire in England!  It’s always a thrill to see Graham.  The first new face was Kristyn Harris.  I have been playing her CD on my show for a while and we have communicated via email but never face to face.  What an amazing young lady!  She’s sweet, friendly, energized, cute and oh-so-talented!!! It was a pleasure to get to meet her.  I’m looking forward to following her career!

This year I attended more showcases on the main stage.  Belinda Gail was amazing!  I know she’s been doing this for a while and has a reputation as a wonderful singer…but she held that audience in the palm of her hand.  Her songs and presentation were heartfelt.  She had other wonderful entertainers on with her…beautiful Mary Kaye and her great voice.  Mary Kaye and Belinda are so good together.  Diane Tribitt recited her poem, “Live Backwards.” Diane is a real deal poet.  She writes about her life experiences as a rancher…and just continues to get better.  The whole package was so good!  Belinda’s final song, “Shenendoah”…accapella…brought the entire audience to their feet.  No dry eyes leaving that performance (among the girls anyway).  It was a highlight.

The “Call of the West” performance was pretty incredible… as it always is.  Jeanne Cahill and Jerome Campbell are such talented musicians!  I could listen to Jeanne sing forever.  What a voice she has!  Lynn Anderson did a wonderful job…she is always great to listen to!  Jon Messenger was at the top of his game!  He sounded so good!  I’ve never heard him sound better!  What a treat!  Thank you Jon, for writing “The Old Pelloncillos.”  I love that song!  Of course that’s one of many beautiful songs you have written!

And…about the time I think I know a lot of entertainers…I meet someone who has been around for a long time that I didn’t know.  I met Peggy Malone!  First, heard her jamming on Friday evening in the lobby.  I just heard a couple of songs so decided to attend a showcase and find out what she is really all about.  I did that. Oh my gosh…how in the world did God fit that wonderful voice and all the energy into one body???  It was such a pleasure to visit with her too.  What a wonderful lady!  Thank you Peggy Malone for being my new friend!  I look forward to the CDs.

Another new friend is Nancy Ruybal!  I heard her 3 or 4 times over the weekend and really enjoyed her songs.  Nancy has a wonderful voice!  And she writes beautiful stuff!  After the Awards ceremony Nancy, Diane Tribitt and I ran away to a room and devoured a pizza.  We had all be on the run all day and hadn’t eaten much.  It sure tasted good.  The conversation, though, was an education to me.  Having two talented writers discussing…how writers make things work…was fascinating.  I was smart enough to just keep my mouth shut and listen.  What a treat!

During the weekend it was such a pleasure to visit with Cimarron Sue and Nevada Slim, Rick Steinke and Linda Hausler “Open Range,” meet KT Potts, meet GT Hurley, meet Alan Chapman.  Good to see Jim Jones, Fred Hargrove, Judy Coder, Carolyn and Dave Martin, Rick Huff, Linda Lee Green, Marsha Short, Steve and Terri Taylor, Barbara Nelson, Marvin O’Dell, James Michael…I should never have started this.  I’ll never remember.  What I’m trying to say is…it was great seeing you!!!

Congratulations to all the winners!  Especially Juni Fisher!  What a night for you, Juni!  Original song, Outstanding Female and Entertainer of the Year!  What a haul!  Good for you!  Congratulations R. W. Hampton for being inducted into the Hall Of Fame!  What a champion we have for Western Music!  And he’s taking it all over the world.  Europe loves R. W. Hampton!  And who wouldn’t!  All you have to do is listen to him!  And besides that, he’s just a really nice guy!

All the awards were so well deserved!  I have posted them earlier so I won’t do it again but please know that you have my sincere “Congratulations!”  The one I am going to mention is Outstanding Book, “Colorado Moon”…when is the next one coming out, Jim???  I’m ready to read it!  LOL!

The only disappointment all weekend (except not getting to meet J Parson and Brenda Libby), was the lack of jam sessions.  They were there and I enjoyed several of them.   But when I first started attending the WMA event in 2007, there were jam sessions in every nook and corner.  And everybody was jamming til 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning.  This year, I understand, there were private jam sessions.  What a loss for those like me who are not musicians or singers and just want to listen and have new music for radio shows maybe… It was at the jam sessions that I felt like I got to know the musicians better.  You were more up close and personal. I’ll never forgot the first jam session that Carolyn Martin joined.  It was in the lobby…it was Carolyn’s first WMA event, I think.  There were many people there who did not know her.  She started singing and you could have heard a pin drop.  You could then hear whispers…who is that?…what a voice!  Now EVERYONE knows Carolyn Martin!  Why isn’t that good for the entertainers as well as the listeners?  Just sayin’…

I had a great time!  Thank you!  See you there next year!

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