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Playlist – The Real West from the Old West 3-25-15

The Real West from the Old West – AM 1230 KOTS


The Real West – Rod Taylor

Back In The Swing Of Things – Coby Carter – Legends

My Country’s Not For Sale – RW Hampton – This Cowboy

Two Steppin’ Texas Blues – Joni Harms – Oregon To Ireland

Swingtime In The Rockies – Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band – All I Need

Wyoming, Jewel Of The West – LeeLee Robert – Jewel Of The West

Way Too Soon – Hot Texas Swing Band – ‘Bout Time

Average Girl – Doris Daley – Beneath A Western Sky

Vaya Con Dios – Eddy Harrison – Trail Dust And Teardrops

There’ll Be Some Changes Made – Carolyn Martin – A Platter Of Brownies

Good Ride – Jim Jones – Race With The Wind

Talkin’ ‘Bout You – Stephanie Davis – Western Bling

Greener Pastures – Tony Lundervold – From The Ranch To The Rodeo

My Window Faces The South – Kristyn Harris – Let Me Ride

The Farmer’s Wife – Francine Roark Robison – Prairie Tales From The Heart

Horse Power – Richard Martin – Old Houses, Horses, Dogs And Friends

Arizona Saturday Night – Open Range – Swingtime In The Rockies

She Could Ride – Mikki Daniel – Cowgirl Swing

The Fiddle Man – Jody Nix – The Fiddle Man

Sweet Grass County Line – Dave Stamey – Twelve Mile Road

Eleven Eighteen Nadine Lane – Chuck Cusimano – The Collection Vol. 1

Everlasting Hooves – DW Groethe – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 9

Part Of The West – Janice Deardorff – Part Of The West

Fast Company – Bobby Flores – Fast Company

Campfire – Jared Rogerson – Dirt

Blue Horizon – Sid Hausman & Washtub Jerry – Blue Horizon

My Name Is Dalton – Bill Barwick – The Usual Suspects

Slippin’ Around – Michael Dart – Slippin’ Around

When You’re Throwed – Randy Rieman – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 9

Socios – Doug Figgs – Partners

Dev’lish Mary – Billy Mata – By Request

Wanda Walker – Patty Clayton – Les Buffham Writes & Co-writes Vol. 3

The Devil Went Down To Georgia – Anslovers – Anslovers

Jersey Bounce – Rose Sinclair – Lone Star Landing

8-13-14 Playlist – The Real West from the Old West

The Real West from the Old West – AM 1230 KOTS


The Real West – Rod Taylor

My Heart Beats For The Boogie – Patty Clayton – Dancin’ In Denver

Dirt – Jared Rogerson – Dirt

Keeper Of My Heart – Hot Club Of Cowtown – What Makes Bob Holler

First Rodeo – Gary Allegretto – Allegretto*Espinoza

Right Or Wrong – Carolyn Martin – A Platter Of Brownies

When It Rains – Judy Coder – Songcatcher

Once We Were Kings – Dale Page – Once We Were Kings

Adobe Walls – Dave Alexander – Alexander’s Goodtime Band

Killed By A .45 – Ray Benson – A Little Piece

Pretty Words – Jody Nix – Twin Fiddles Turn Me On

Ride ‘Em Cowgirl – Mikki Daniel – Gotta Be A Cowgirl

House Of Blue Lights –  Sid Hausman & Washtub Jerry – Blue Horizon

Calving Time – Jean Prescott – Traditions

Croppie – Susie Knight – Leather Wings

Viva La Cowboy – Dan Roberts – Viva La Cowboy

When The Cottonwoods Turn To Gold – Bill Barwick

In The Real West – The Rifters – Live At The Sagebrush

Back In The Saddle – Allen Kirkham – Ghosts Towns

The Kind Of Love I Can’t Forget – The Delk Band – Music For Those That Come To Dance

The Cowboy Way – Doug Figgs – Partners

Cowboy Count You Blessings – Larry McWhorter/Waddie Mitchell – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 6

Jersey Bounce – Rose Sinclair – Lone Star Landing

Ridin’ Job – Brenn Hill – Ode To Selway

Texas Bluebonnet Waltz – Kristyn Harris – Let Me Ride

Cooley Ranch Road – Mary Kaye – The Dawn And The Dusk

Leanin’ On The Old Top Rail – Stephanie Davis – Western Bliss

Cowboy Coffee – Jim Jones – Borrowed Time

Cattle – Linda Kirkpatrick/Berta Hart Nance – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 6

Houston – The Yarbrough Band – Heroes From The Past

Cowgirl Creed – Belinda Gail – Granite Mountain

Orange Blossom Special – Anslovers

Playlist 10-9-13 The Real West from the Old West

The Real West from the Old West – AM 1230 KOTS


The Real West – Rod Taylor

My Country’s Not For Sale – R.W. Hampton

It’s A Good Day – AATW/Leon Rausch – It’s A Good Day

Too Many Irons – Jean Prescott – Ranch Life 101

Nothing Left To Lose – Chuck Cusimano – The Tyler Sessions

Fly Without Leaving The Ground – Juni Fisher – Listen…To The Horse

Time Changes Everything – The Delk Band – Music For Those That Come To Dance

What’s A Cowboy Poem – JP Gorham – Live At The Stage Coach Inn

Borrowed Time – Jim Jones – Borrowed Time

Tennessee Local – Carolyn Martin – Tennessee Local

Wyoming Cowgirl Song – Brenda Libby – Chilled

Lonely Street – Bobby Flores – Fast Company

Kit Carson Blues – Gary Allegretto – Allegretto*Esponiza

Four Or Five Times – Dave Alexander – Alexander’s Goodtime Band

The Pearly Gate – Steve Porter – From A Cowboy’s Heart

The Bounty Hunter – Bill Barwick – The Usual Suspect

Twin Fiddles Turn Me On – Jody Nix – Twin Fiddles Turn Me On

Fork In The Road – Tumbleweed Rob – Fork In The Road

Ida Lou/Ida Lee – Tumbleweed Rob – Fork In The Road

Yodel Western Swing – Kristyn Harris – Let Me Ride

The Bear Tale – Jay Snider – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 6

Jornada Del Muerto – Jon Messenger – Blue Light Special #2

Fishin’ On The Bayou – Hot Texas Swing Band – ‘Bout Time

Roughstring Rider – Ken Moore – Bringin’ The Wild Ones In

Along The Navajo Trail – LeeLee Robert – Western Stars

The Prairie Preacher – Mary Kaye – The Dawn And The Dusk

Blue, Blue Feeling – Ann J. Morton – The Swing Of Things

A Baxter Of Blacks – Doris Daley – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 6

I Ain’t Leavin’ Without My Horse – J Parson – The Outlaw Trail

On The Mesa – Miss Devon And The Outlaw – Where In The Dickens R U?

Wanda Walker – Patty Clayton – Les Buffman Writes & Co-Write Vol. 3

Jersey Bounce – Rose Sinclair – Lone Star Landing

2012 Nominations for the AWA


…Rex Allen Jr.
…Bill Barwick
…”Buffalo Bill” Boycott
…Terry Brown
…Jon Chandler
…Richard Lee Cody
…Cecil Cravens
…Don Edwards
…Joel Eliot
…Gary Fjellgaard
…Doug Figgs
…Les Gilliam
…Skip Gorman
…Wylie Gustafson
…R. W. Hampton
…Fred Hargrove
…Andy Hedges
…Tom Hiatt
…Brenn Hill
…Jim Jones
…Steve Jones
…Paul Kelly
…Dennis Knill
…Kyle Martin
…Richard Martin
…Tree Manane
…James Michael
…Lloyd Morris
…Michael Martin Murphey
…Gary S Pratt
…Troy Ross
…”Coyote” Joe Sartin
…Sourdough Slim
…Steven Spaulding
…Dave Stamey
…Red Steagall
…Bob Thomas
…Ian Tyson
…Barry Ward
…Andy Wilkinson …Tom Hanshew
…Robert Beene
…Tim Graham
…Rod Taylor
…Daron Little
…Randy Huston


..Lynn Anderson
…Eli Barsi
…Aspen Black
…Almeda Bradshaw
…Patty Clayton
…Judy Coder
…Kathy Faber
…Juni Fisher
…Belinda Gail
…Joni Harms
…Judy James
…Brenda Libby
…Linda Lee Filener
…Mary Kaye
…Susie Knight
…Amy Lydon
…Barbara Nelson
…Jean Prescott
…Trinity Seely
…Miss V


…Cross Town Cowboys
…Dallas & PJ McCord
…Double Take
…English Brothers
…Hansen Family Singers
…Holy Water & Whiskey
…Katy Creek
…Many Strings
…Mountain Saddle Band
…Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue
…Old West Trio
…Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers
…Riders in the Sky
…Sons of the San Joaquin
…Stardust Cowboys
…Tumbling Tumbleweeds
…Yampa Valley Boys
…Way Out West
…Andy Wilkinson/Andy Hedges
…Bar D Wranglers


…Rex Allen Jr-Other Voices
…Aspen Black-From the Heart of a Cowgirl
…”Buffalo Bill” Boycott-The Best of Buffalo Bill
…English Brothers-Living the Western Way
…Terry Brown-It’s A Cowboy Thang
…Jon Chandler-The Gang
…Patty Clayton-Dancing in Denver
…Judy Coder-Songcatcher
…Cecil Craven-A Western Legacy
…Cross Town Cowboys-That Old Prairie Moon
…Ken Curtis-The Ken Griffis Memorial Edition
…Double Take-A Closer Look
…Joel Eliot-Cowboy Simple
…Kathy Faber-Lights of Santa Fe
…Gary Fjellgaard – The Collection
…Doug Figgs-Some of My Favorites
…Linda Lee Filener-Can’t Quit Riding
…Stuart Hamblen-Country
…Joni Harms – Harm’s Way
…Fred Godwin-Roy Rogers Tribute
…Skip Gorman – A Herder’s Call
…Fred Hargrove-Watching Eagles Fly
…Hansen Family Singers-My Best To You
…Holy Water & Whiskey-Spirits of All Kinds
…Judy James – My God and I
…Jim Jones-Borrowed Time
…Steve Jones-That Irish Kid
…Katy Creek – Wild Rose
…Mary Kaye-No Wilder Place
…Paul Kelly-Old New Mexico
…Dennis Knill-Moonlight Ride
…Brenda Libby-On The Outskirts of Crazy, More or Less
…Many Strings – A Cattlestrophic Compilation
…Kyle Martin-Child of the West
…Richard Martin-Fall Roundup.
…James Michael-Beyond the Divide
…Cowboy Playground
…Dallas & PJ McCord-Roll On Tumbleweed
…Don Miller-Don & The Roping Dummies
…Michael Martin Murphey-Campfire on the Road
…Scott O Malley-Another Jubilee
…Barbara Nelson-Crazy Western Swing
…Gary S Pratt-Lomax
…Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers-Breakin’ Out
…Riders in the Sky-Land Beyond the Sun
…Saddlestrings – Ride to Get There
…Stardust Cowboys-How The Cowboys Swung The West
…Troy Ross-Above the Timberline
…Mountain Saddle Band-The Heart of a Cowboy
…Trinity Seely-Trinity
…Steven Spaulding-Rougher As You Go
…Dave Stamey-12 Mile Road
…Barry Ward-West of Dodge
…Miss V-The Itinerant Lady
…Yampa Valley Boys-The Irish Kid
…Way Out West-Saddle Sore Blues
…Andy Wilkinson/Andy Hedges-The Outlands
…Bar D Wranglers-Tales From The Trail
…Jean Prescott-America: Home Sweet Home


…Red Allen Jr-Arizona Waltz
…Rex Allen Jr-Bullets In The Gun
…Patty Clayton-Black Hay
…Patty Clayton-Let’s Dance
…Patty Clayton-My Heart Beats For The Boogie
…Cecil Cravens-Pushin’ Horns to Kansas
…Cecil Cravens-One More Day
…Cecil Cravens-Trail Drivin’ Cowboy
…Cross Town Cowboys-That Old Prairie Moon
…Cross Town Cowboys-Dogies Lullaby
…Cross Town Cowboys-Beans
…Cross Town Cowboys-Little Annie Sunshine
…Mary Kaye-No Wilder Place
…Katy Creek-Wild Colts and Wild Hearts
…Ken Curtis-The Old High Lonesome
…Ken Curtis-Grand Canyon
…Richard Martin-Fall Roundup
…James Michael-Serenade of the Bells
…James Michael-Blue Mountain
…James Michael-Beyond the Divide
…Lloyd Morris-Lonesome Buckaroo
…Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers-Just a Little Bit Cowgirl
…Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers-My Only Love
…Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers-The Bronze Buckaroo
…Riders in the Sky-There’s A Blue Sky Way Out Yonder
…Dave Stamey-Song For Jake
…Stardust Cowboys-How The Cowboys Swung The West
…Troy Ross-Outlaw Trail
…Bob Thomas-Charley
…Bob Thomas-The Cowboy
…Barry Ward-Eli Crow
…Barry Ward-Our Own Part Of The West
…Way Out West-Saddle Sore Blues
…Way Out West-Inspired By Montana
…Way Out West-Thinkin’ Outside The Corral
…Way Out West-The Inn At The End Of The Trail


…Dusty Hart
…Tom Hawk
…Kristyn Harris

Congratulations to you all!!!


Awards Nominations for 2012 from the Western Music Association

2012 Award Nominations…..

The final nominees for the 2012 WMA Awards of Excellence are listed below. Ballots were sent to all WMA members in good standing on September 15, 2012. Ballots must be postmarked by Otober 15, 2012 to be counted. Awards will be presented at the 2012 WMA Awards Show on November 18, 2012 at the KiMo Theatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

For more information on the nominees or to go to their websites, visit their individual  listings under the “Performers” Tab.


  • A  Cowboy’s Song – Sons of the San Joaquin
  • My  Horse Knows the Way Home – Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band
  • Songcatcher  – Judy Coder
  • Twelve  Mile Road – Dave Stamey
  • West  of Dodge – Barry Ward


  • Breakin’  Out – The Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers
  • Dancin’in Denver – Patty Clayton
  • Saddle  Sore Blues – Way Out West


  • The  18 & 21 Waltz-Written by Marvin O’Dell/Recorded by The Red  Hot Rhythm Rustlers
  • My  Horse Knows the Way Home-Written by Dave McClure/Recorded by Horse  Crazy Cowgirl Band
  • No  Wilder Place – Written by Les Buffham & Mary  Kaye/Recorded by Mary Kaye
  • Song  for Jake – Written by Dave Stamey/Recorded by Dave  Stamey
  • Twelve  Mile Road – Written by Dave Stamey/Recorded by Dave  Stamey


  • Tom  Boyer
  • Jeanne  Cahill
  • Rich  O’Brien
  • Ric  Steinke
  • Johnny  Neill


  • Bill  Barwick
  • R.  W. Hampton
  • Michael  Martin Murphey
  • Dave  Stamey
  • Barry  Ward


  • Juni  Fisher
  • Belinda  Gail
  • Mary  Kaye
  • Jean  Prescott
  • Nancy  Ruybal


  • 3  Trails West
  • Call  of the West
  • Horse  Crazy Cowgirl Band
  • The  Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers
  • Stampede


  • Bill  Barwick
  • Juni  Fisher
  • R.  W. Hampton
  • Riders  In The Sky
  • Dave  Stamey


  • Bruce  Huntington
  • Jim  Jones
  • Mary  Kaye
  • Dave  Stamey
  • Barry  Ward


  • Naomi  Bristow
  • Kristyn  Harris
  • Doug  Figgs
  • GT  Hurley
  • Trinity  Seely


  • Judy  James – Cowboy Jubilee
  • Marvin  O’Dell – Around the Campfire
  • Nancy  Pitchford, Bobbi Jean Bell, Julie Pomilia & Mike Dowler – Around the Barn
  • Totsie  Slover – The Real West from the Old West
  • Tommy  Tucker – The Western Heritage Show


  • Susie  Knight – Western Wordsmith
  • Dawn  Nelson – Then He Made Cowgirl
  • Steve  Porter – Forgotten
  • Francine  Roark Robison – Prairie Tales from the Heart
  • Dick  Warwick – Cowboy Poetry Lite (Nuthin’ Serious)


  • Clark  Crouch – Harkin’ Home
  • Steve  Deming – The Source
  • Yvonne  Hollenbeck – Christmas on the Range
  • Rod  Miller – Things a Cowboy Sees
  • Jane  Morton – In This Land of Little Rain


  • Les  Buffham
  • Clark  Crouch
  • Steve  Deming
  • Joe  Herrington
  • Andy  Nelson


  • Doris  Daley
  • Sam  DeLeeuw
  • Yvonne  Hollenbeck
  • Susie  Knight
  • Diane  Tribitt

Congratulations to all of this year’s nominees!

Les Buffham and Friends – Writes and Co-Writes Vol. III

My life has been really busy lately and it took a few days to find the time to sit down and listen to Les Buffham and Friend’s “Writes and Co-writes Vol. III.”  What an incredible collection of songs and voices!  It’s too bad I have already picked out music for next week’s show…I could just play this CD!!!  All of it!!!

When you have singers and musicians like Devon Dawson, Trails & Rails, Sally Harper Bates & Suzy Killman, Pat Meade, Richard Elloyan, Hank Cramer, Patty Clayton, Jon Messenger, Prickley Pair & Cactus Chorale, Marvin & Austin O’Dell, Mary Kaye, Chuck Cusimano and Dave Stamey singing songs co-written by the same folks and Les Buffham and throw in a little Jean Prescott and Juni Fisher writing too…you have a winner!!!

Add this CD to your collection by calling Les Buffham at 661-388-8535 or email him at lesbuffham@yahoo.com.  You’ll be so happy you did!


Dancin’ In Denver – Patty Clayton

What a great way to spend a cold windy day…listening to Patty Clayton!  What a treat!  Her new CD “Dancin’ In Denver” has a wonderful variety of music.  From the opening song, “Let’s Dance” (Patty Clayton) to “Heart Beats For The Boogie” (same writer) you are entertained!  Great banjo pickers along with all the other talented musicians, dance music, Hawaiian Music…you’ll love it all!  I guess I never associated Hawaii with Western music…but you can’t get much further west…can you???  Between the first song and the last one you will hear: “Black Hay,” “Arizona Moonlight,” “Dancin’ In Denver,” “Your Saddle Is Empty Old Pal,” (As recorded by the Stanley Brothers) “Pa’U Riders,” “Lookin’ Glass” (Marvin O’Dell), “Wanda Walker” (with Les Buffham), “Cowboy Hula” (Sam Kamaipelekane), “Montana Cowboy” (Ray Park).

“Joining Patty in the dance” were Ernie Martinez, John Bubb, Linda Erickson, Johnny Neill, Lesley Kline, John Magnie, Daniel Jones, Rich O’Brien, Hannah Alkire, Stuart Yoshida, Neil Javerstick, Mary Sribling, Sarah Lincoln, Butch Hause.  What a group of musicians!

You NEED to have this CD in your library.  You can order this CD and find out about others that you don’t have at http://PattyClayton.com  Do it today!

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