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Playlist from The Real West from the Old West 10-3-12

The Real West from the Old West – AM 1230 KOTS


The Real West – Rod Taylor

It’s A Good Day – AATW/Leon Rausch – It’s A Good Day

Rustler’s Moon – Jim Jones – Borrowed Time

Put Yourself In My Blues – Carolyn Martin – Swing

Ghosts And Legends – John Bergstrom –  Ghosts And Legends

Twin Fiddles Turn Me On – Jody Nix – Twin Fiddles Turn Me On

Born To Ride – GT Hurley – Tough Horses

The Beauty of Mountains – Rod Miller – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 7

Gypsy Moon – Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers – Breakin’ Out

A Cowboy’s What I’ll Be – Kevin Davis – Every Horse I Ever Rode

Cowboy Up – Joni Harms – Let’s Put The Western Back In The Country

Twelve Mile Road – Dave Stamey – Twelve Mile Road

Texas Blues – Stephanie Davis – Western Bliss

My Name Is Dalton – Bill Barwick – The Usual Suspects

John Dofflemyer – Our Time – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 7

My Window Faces The South – Les Gilliam – Oklahoma-1955

Carhartt Browns – The Texas Trailhands – Cowboy Swing 2

Shortgrass – RW Hampton – Austin To Boston

Corrine, Corrina – The River Road Boys – Can’t Get Enough Of Texas

Wyoming Cowgirl Song – Brenda Libby – Chilled

Houston’s Just Another Name For Blue – Country Night Live/Chuck Cusimano – Words You Can Understand

The Root Bear – Susie Knight – Leather Wings

Loving Arms – Rex Allen Jr. – Garage Songs I

Swingtime In The Rockies – Open Range – Swingtime In The Rockies

A Cowboy Song – Trinity Seely – Trinity Seely

Across The Alley From The Alamo – Kristyn Harris – My Mustang, My Martin & Me

Old Pelloncios – Call Of The West – You Are The Rose Of My Heart

Take Back Your Old Love Letters – Brady Bowen/Durwood Strube – In My Spare Time Vol. 5

A Spider Poem – Francine Roark Robison – Prairie Tales From The Heart

Cowboy Nothin’ More – J Parson – The Outlaw Trail

Texas To A “T” – The Ball Family – Texas To A “T”

Jornado del Muerto – John Messenger – Les Buffham and Friends – Writes And Co-writes Vol. III

Beyond The Divide – James Michael

The reason I love this Western Music DJ job so much is all the wonderful folks I get to know.  Joe Baker introduced me to James Michael at the WMA Festival in Albuquerque in 2008.  He lives in Las Cruces, just 60 miles away so I get to take advantage of him occasionally with radio interviews, house concerts and such.  It’s fun!  And he is such a nice guy!  It’s such fun to make new friends!

James Michael’s new CD, “Borrowed Time” is wonderful!  The title song about an old mare that raised his kids is beautiful and brings back a lot of memories of Sonny, the old gelding that raised me. “Frank” is about a guy in his 50s that wanted to do something for his country after 9-11!  It’s an amazing story about an amazing man!  Most of the songs are written by a guy by the name of Mike Hosea…and he wrote them quite well!  LOL!  There is also a song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney??? (Well know Western Music writers, no doubt!)  James does a wonderful job with “Rocky Raccoon!”  And also Jon Messenger’s “Old Peloncillos.”  That’s a great song Jon!  Of course part of the reason I love it so much is because I grew up in the Animas Valley and had a great view of the Peloncillos! Beautiful mountains!

Also on the CD are “Serenade Of The Bells” written by Twomey, Goodheart and Urbano, “Hour Before Dawn” by Buffham and Ley, “Blue Mountain” by Keller, “Moonshine Steer” by Gardner and “My Cathedral” by Pat Twitty.  That song brings memories of my dad.  His feelings exactly.   James is joined on the CD by musicians Call Of The WestJeanne Cahill (playing whatever she wants to and singing harmony)  and Jerome Campbell (lead and rhythm guitar and harmony vocals). Alison Reynolds (cello), Gordon Butler (violin) and Roy Garcia (steel guitar.)

James Michael spends most of his time at the WMA Showcase and Awards Show working with kids in the Junior WMA.  In 2011 I attended the Showcase where the kids presented their show and what a show it was!  Good for you James!!!  Check out the website http://jamesmichaelmusic.com to find out more about James Michael and to purchase this wonderful CD! You’ll be glad you did!!!

Tyrone Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering

May 7, 2011 found us on the road north to Tyrone for their annual Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering. We arrived just in time for the last song from the Copper Creek Wranglers.  I’m sorry we didn’t hear more…they were very well received by the audiance!  We did, however, hear great Cowboy Poetry throughout the day from Bud Strom, Lynn Stokes, Pete Kennedy, Hook Hill and Mike Moutoux.

Along with the talented poets were equally talented western singers and musicians!  We were privileged to hear Jim Jones, Jim Wilson, Eddy Harrison, Jon Messenger, Washtub Jerry, Doug Figgs, Mike Moutoux and The Copper Creek Wranglers Cowboy Band.  I had not heard Doug Figgs before so that was fun. He’s a really good singer that filled in at the last minute for one who could not appear.  He did a great job with very short notice!  The entire day was fun!  I look forward to next  year.  If you are close and have never been to the Tyrone Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering you’re missing a lot of good entertainment and fun!  Make plans to attend next year!

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