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Tyrone Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering

May 7, 2011 found us on the road north to Tyrone for their annual Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering. We arrived just in time for the last song from the Copper Creek Wranglers.  I’m sorry we didn’t hear more…they were very well received by the audiance!  We did, however, hear great Cowboy Poetry throughout the day from Bud Strom, Lynn Stokes, Pete Kennedy, Hook Hill and Mike Moutoux.

Along with the talented poets were equally talented western singers and musicians!  We were privileged to hear Jim Jones, Jim Wilson, Eddy Harrison, Jon Messenger, Washtub Jerry, Doug Figgs, Mike Moutoux and The Copper Creek Wranglers Cowboy Band.  I had not heard Doug Figgs before so that was fun. He’s a really good singer that filled in at the last minute for one who could not appear.  He did a great job with very short notice!  The entire day was fun!  I look forward to next  year.  If you are close and have never been to the Tyrone Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering you’re missing a lot of good entertainment and fun!  Make plans to attend next year!

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