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6-26-13 Playlist – The Real West from the Old West

The Real West from the Old West – AM 1230 KOTS

The Real West – Rod Taylor
Right Or Wrong – Brady Bowen – Tribute To Billy Dozier
Casey’s A Cowboy – Brenn Hill – Equine
I Didn’t Realize – Stephanie Davis – Western Bling
The Coyote And The Cowboy – Ian Tyson – Cowboyography
It Don’t Mean A Thing – Carolyn Martin – Tennessee Local
Cowboy And The Queen – RW Hampton – My Old Friends
December Stragglers – Terry Nash – December Stragglers
My Window Faces The South – Kristyn Harris – Let Me Ride
Never Gonna Rain – Dave Stamey – Twelve Mile Road
It’s A Good Day – AATW/Leon Rausch – It’s A Good Day
Country Was Made For Saturday Night – Eli Barsi – Portrait Of A Cowgirl
Someday Soon – Hot Texas Swing Band – ‘Bout Time
These Oklahoma Hills – Brenda Libby – Chilled
When On The Trail A Griz You Meet – Paul Kern – Saddle Songs Of Idaho
Your Old Used To Be – Bobby Flores – Fast Compaby
The Prairie Preacher – Mary Kaye – The Dawn And The Dusk
That’s Where My Baby Feels At Home – Jake Hooker – One Man World
I Didn’t Know The Gun Was Loaded – Judy Coder – Songcatcher
Houston’s Just Another Name For Blue – Country Night Live – Words You Can Understand
Colorado Moon – Jim Jones – Borrowed Time
Saddlin’ Up Time – Jerry A. Brooks/Andy Wilkinson – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 7
Miles And Miles Of Texas – Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers – Breakin’ Out
Fillinic – Juni Fisher – Listen
Viva La Cowboy – Dan Roberts – Viva La Cowboy
Show Me Mister – Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue – Westerners
Atchison Topeka & The Santa Fe – Barbara Nelson – Back To My Boots And Saddle
Desert Motel – Nancy, Katy Creek Band – MP3
Rivers Of Horse – Henry Real Bird – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 7
I’m Through Wastin’ Time On You – Billy Mata – This Is Tommy Duncan Vol. 2
Let’s Ride – Jared Rogerson – Dirt
Corrine, Corrina – Brady Bowan – Backforty Roundup Vol. 52
Under Fiesta Stars – Rich O’Brien – Southwestern Souvenirs

Colorado Moon by Jim Jones

I just finished reading Colorado Moon, a western novel written by my friend, Jim Jones.  If you like novels about the old west, you’ll like Colorado Moon.  The story takes place around Cimarron, New Mexico during the time of Indian raids, crooked politicians and folks who think everything is theirs for the takin’ if they’re mean enough.  It’s about boys who become men overnight, women who are tougher than folks think they should be and life.  The story is about hard work, friendship, loyalty, love, threats, fear, danger, intrigue, frustration, hope, death, acceptance and plans for a better future.  It’s all there!

The writer’s description puts you in the story.  You can feel what’s going on.  It is well written and fast paced…and you’ll like it!  If you have not read Rustler’s Moon, I recommend you do.  You’ll get to know the characters a little better, but whether or not you read that one first is up to you.  Both books, Rustler’s Moon and Colorado Moon are available at www.Amazon.com.  Just search by the title and the author.  It’s very easy!  I suggest you do it today!

Tyrone Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering

May 7, 2011 found us on the road north to Tyrone for their annual Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering. We arrived just in time for the last song from the Copper Creek Wranglers.  I’m sorry we didn’t hear more…they were very well received by the audiance!  We did, however, hear great Cowboy Poetry throughout the day from Bud Strom, Lynn Stokes, Pete Kennedy, Hook Hill and Mike Moutoux.

Along with the talented poets were equally talented western singers and musicians!  We were privileged to hear Jim Jones, Jim Wilson, Eddy Harrison, Jon Messenger, Washtub Jerry, Doug Figgs, Mike Moutoux and The Copper Creek Wranglers Cowboy Band.  I had not heard Doug Figgs before so that was fun. He’s a really good singer that filled in at the last minute for one who could not appear.  He did a great job with very short notice!  The entire day was fun!  I look forward to next  year.  If you are close and have never been to the Tyrone Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering you’re missing a lot of good entertainment and fun!  Make plans to attend next year!

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