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Playlist – The Real West from the Old West AM 1230 KOTS

The Real West from the Old West  AM 1230 KOTS

4-2-14 AWA Awards Show

The Real West – Rod Taylor

Sweet Georgia Brown – Carolyn Martin – A Platter Of Brownies

Right Or Wrong – Al Dressen – Songs From Beautiful Texas

Alexander’s Goodtime Band – Dave Alexander – Alexander’s Goodtime Band

Way Too Soon – Hot Texas Swing Band – ‘Bout Time

Keep The Campfire A Burnin’ – RJ Vandygriff – The Cowboy Ain’t Dead Yet Vol. 3

Let Me Ride Down In Rocky Canyon – Kristyn Harris – Let Me Ride

You Don’t Have To Go Home – Gary Allegretto – Allegretto*Espinoza

Cowboy Poetry In Motion – Paul Bliss – Pure Bliss

My Name Is Dalton – Bill Barwick – The Usual Suspects

Don Edwards For President – Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers – Too Hot To Handle

Ride ‘em Cowgirl – Mikki Daniel – Gotta Be A Cowgirl

Heroes From The Past – The Yarbrough Band – Heroes From The Past

A Better Mind To Stay – Chuck Cusimano – The Tyler Sessions

Ernie Snare – Susie Knight – Leather Wings

Traditions – Jean Prescott – Traditions

*Interview – Jean Prescott*

She’s Killin’ Me – Jody Nix – Twin Fiddles Turn Me On

My Country’s Not For Sale – RW Hampton

You Don’t Have To Be A Baby To Cry – Ann J. Morton – The Swing Of Things

Still Ridin’ – Jim Jones – Still Ridin’

Hear The Footsteps – Doc Mehl – The Great Divide

Texas Blues – Stephanie Davis – Western Bliss

There’s A Star Spangled Banner Flying Somewhere – Don Edwards – American

Dev’lish Mary – Billy Mata – By Request

Fire Dances ‘Cross The Skies – Brenda Libby – Fire Dances

Here Comes Country – Joni Harms – Harms Way

Campfire – Jared Rogerson – Dirt

The Devil’s Hatband – Don Edwards – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 6

Anytime – Cowbop – Too Hick For The Room

Cripple Creek – Gary Allegretto – Allegretto*Espinoza

Academy of Western Artists 2011 Award Winners! Congratulations one and all!!!

16th Annual Awards Show Winners

Western Music Male: Syd Masters

Western Music Female: Mary Kay

Western Music Duo or Group: Old West Trio

Western Music Song: Tom Hiatt “Bronc to Breakfast”

Western Swing Male: Jimmy Burson

Western Swing Female: Joni Harms

Western Swing Duo or Group: Tony Harrison  Hot Texas – “Swinging Big”

Western Swing Song: Asleep at the Wheel/Leon Rausch – “It’s A Good Day”

Pure Country Male: Landon Dodd

Pure Country Female: Jade Jack

Pure Country Duo or Group: The Survivors

Pure Country Album: Curtis Potter – “The Potter’s Touch”

Pure Country Song: Amber Digby – “Sing a Sad Song”

Instrumentalist: Jody Nix

Young Artist: The Nugents

Will Rogers Special Event: “A Ride With Bob”

Cowboy Poet: Henry Real Bird

Cowgirl Poet: Bette Wolf Duncan

Cowboy Poetry Album/CD: Paul Kern – “Rimrick, Where Memories Rhyme”

Garnet Brooks Chuckwagon: B. K. Nuzum

Disc Jockey: Bruce Pollock, Range Radio

Radio Station: LKCM Radio Group, Ft. Worth, TX

Buck Ramsey Book Award: Francine Roark Robison – “The Quilt and Other Pieces”

Artist: Mikel Donahue

Engraver: Dave Alderson

Spurmaker: Larry Fuegen

Bootmaker: Carl Chappell

Dog King Memorial Saddlemaker: Bill Gardner


Academy of Western Artists – Top Five

Final 5 Music Nominees – Western Music

Below are the final five in the music categories. If you see your name, please contact the AWA at working_cowboy@hotmail.com. Tickets will be furnished to the awards for all of the final five. The 16th Annual Academy of Western Artists Awards will be held January 26, 2012, at the Casa Manana Theater in Fort Worth, Texas at 7 PM. In order to be considered, you must let the AWA know that you would accept the award if you were selected. If the AWA does not hear from you, we can only assume you do not wish to be involved. There is no obligation to attend or be a member of the AWA.


Western Music Male Western Music Female Western Music Duo/Group Western Music Album Western Music Song
Richard Elloyan Eli Barsi Ball Family Richard Lee Cody/Mary Kaye-Way Out West Allan Chapman-Smoke of the Branding Fire
Greg Hager Judy Coder Buckarettes Tom Hiatt – Appaloosa Moon R.W. Hampton – Shortgrass
Tom Hiatt Kristyn Harris Call Of The West Gary LeMaster – The White Hat Collection J Parson – He Wore A Blue Bandana
Syd Masters Mary Kaye Old West Trio Rod Taylor – Here, There, and Everywhere Tom Hiatt – Bronc To Breakfast
Rod Taylor Joyce Woodson Sons Of The San Joaquin Stardust Cowboys – Riding Back To You Rod Taylor – Saddle Tramp
Western Swing Male Western Swing Female Western Swing Duo/Group Western Swing Album Western Swing Song
Jimmy Burson Carolyn Martin Tony Harrison – Hot Texas Band Asleep at the Wheel/Leon Rausch – It’s a Good Day Asleep at the Wheel/Leon Rausch – It’s a Good Day
Jake Hooker Emily Gimble Brady Bowen – Swing Country Jimmy Burson – Back in the Swing Jimmy Burson – There’s Not a Cow     in Texas
Billy Mata Elana James Billy Mata – Texas Tradition Johnny Gimble – Celebrating With    Friends Chuck Cusimano – Swing Me A     Song
Jody Nix Joni Harms Jody Nix – Texas Hot Texas Band – Swinging Big Joe Paul Nichols – Is Anyone Going     to San Antone
Leon Rausch Liz Talley Cowboys Shoot Low Sheriff Oklahoma Stomp – On the Road Hot Texas Band – Swingin’ Big
Pure Country Male Pure Country Female Pure Country Duo/Group Pure Country Album Pure Country Song
Tony Booth Amber Digby Country Night Live Tony Booth-Other Side of Love Tony Booth-All That She Could Take
Johnny Bush Jade Cienega Landon Dodd Amber Digby-Live at Swiss Alp Hall Amber Digby-Sing A Sad Song
Landon Dodd Jade Jack Cornell Hurd Jerry D. Hobbs-Keepin’ It Country Jerry D. Hobbs-I’m A Texas Boy
Darrell McCall Georgette Jones The Outsiders Curtis Potter-The Potter’s Touch The Survivors-Wasted Words
Justin Trevino Kimberly Murray Miles Of Texas The Survivors-The Survivors Curtis Potter-That’s What I Do Best
Instrumentalist Young Artists
Bobby Koefer Cheyenne Lakota Craig
Dale Morris, Jr. Katie Crawford
Jody Nix The Nugents
Larry Reed Colby Sheppard
Jason Roberts Jake Vance

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