A blog about Cowboy Music, Western Swing and Cowboy Poetry. 2014 WMA Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year

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Totsie Slover

220 S Gold Ave

Deming, NM  88030



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  1. Dearest Totsie…
    I just came upon your wonderful article about the WMA Festival.. Please know that I truly appreciate your kind thoughts on my performances.. It is nice to know that you noticed that I love what I do and hope others enjoy what I do.
    So, my dear Totsie…I thank you very much for including me in your write-up…
    Thanks and please keep in touch.. Don’t know if I can make it next time, but glad I was there to meet you this time..
    Adios…and Have a Happy and Productive and Healthy!!! New Year…
    Peggy Malone

    • Hi Peggy! Meeting you was a highlight of the WMA Showcase and Awards Show! I’m so glad we got to visit for a bit! I have made some of the best friends since I got into the western music family! You’re quite welcome for including you in the article. It was my pleasure. See you down the road…someplace!

  2. Thank you Totsie for playing my cd on your show. I got a call from Wayne and Charlene Potter down in your country and they were telling me how much they enjoyed you show. Thanks again! Linda Lee Filener

  3. Just a little mistake on your playlist. I get called Martin a lot. but I am sure it was a typo it ia Ann J Morton. Thanks. love to you. Ann J. MORTON LOL

  4. Thanks Totsie. I noticed it and thought I should email you. We have had so many people call us by Martin. When my son was born they put Martin Baby on his little arm LOL. Love. Ann J.

  5. No problem totsie. We just appreciate you playing our music. Love, Ann

  6. Hi Totsie, I sure appreciate you playing my songs. Thanks a bunch!
    Doug Figgs

  7. You’re quite welcome Doug! It’s a great CD!

  8. Hi Totsie….Just wanted to thank you for the air play on my new album “Horses That Run Far Away” and provide you with my website information for your artist listing. http://www.BobMarshallMusic.com
    Thank you,

  9. Just checkin in to see if you have received my latest CD..FORTY MILES OF FAMOUS. I had you on my list to mail to but it seems that some of my CDs have been misdirected by the post office.

    • I sure don’t remember it Richard but I have been pretty preoccupied the past couple of months. I’ll check when I get back home and let you know.

  10. Sure love your program Totsie!

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