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Academy of Western Artists Awards Winers!

Congratulations to one and all!!!

This year’s winners…

Western Swing

Male – Tony Harrison
Female – Carolyn Martin
Duo/Group – Al Dressen/Super Swing Review
Album – Dave Alexander-Alexander’s Goodtime Band
Song – Hot Texas Swing Band-Way Too Soon

Western Music

Male – R J Vandergriff 
Female – Kristyn Harris 
Duo/Group – Allegretto/Espinoza 
Album – Bill Barwick-The Usual Suspects 
Song – Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers-Don Edwards for President
Yodeler – Mikki Daniel

Pure country

Male – Brady Honeycutt
Female – Myra Rolen
Duo/Group – TheYarbrough Band
Album – Chuck Cusimano-The Tyler Sessions
Song – Guyanne McCall-Yesterday’s News

Instrumentalist – Lucy Dean Record
Disc Jockey – Ted Branson

Showcase pictures at the WMA 2013

Showcase pictures

Showcase pictures

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I’m sorry the pictures aren’t better…I was having camera issues.  Maybe I need a new one!  What a thought!

The Saturday Showcases were amazing!  What a group of entertainers we have in this organization!  Incredible! It was a truly a delight and I sat there most of the day!  What a thrill!  Thank you all for sharing your talent!


Carolyn will be at Luna Rossa Winery Wed. evening May 8!!!

Carolyn Martin flier (1)

AWA Award Winners

Congratulations to all!!!
Radio Station-KKRN Montgomery Creek, CA

Disc Jockey-Billy Bowles

Cowboy Poet-J. W. Beeson

Cowgirl Poet-Mag Mawhinney

Cowboy Poetry Album/CD-Deanna Dickinson McCall “Riding”

Buck Ramsey Book-Steve Deming “The Source”

Western Music Male-James Michael

Western Music Female-Barbara Nelson

Western Music Duo/Group-Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers

Western Music Album-Paul Kelly “Old New Mexico”

Western Music Song-Barry Ward “Eli Crow”

Yodeler-David Bradley

Young Artist-Colby Sheppard

Western Swing Male-Alex Dormont

Western Swing Female-Naomi Emmerson

Western Swing Duo/Group-Great Recession Orchestra

Western Swing Album-Brady Bowen “Tribute to Tom Morrell, Bob Boatright, Leon Chambers”

Western Swing Song-Erik Swanson “Big Texas”

Instrumentalist-Jessica Munn

Pure Country Male-Garry Ash

re Country Female-Kendall Barnes

Pure Country Duo/Group-Will Banister Mulbery Band

Pure Country Album-Ken Goldsmith “Legends In My Mind, Vol. 1-2-3-”

Pure Country Song-Mark Powell “Dublin Dr. Pepper”

Special Achievement-Gloria Miers

Cartoonist-Johnathan Rankin

Artist-Jason Scull

Spurmaker-Russell Yates

Hitcher-Shoni Maulding

Saddlemaker-Keith Seidel

Don King Memorial Saddlemaker-Dale Harwood

Braider-Vince Donley

Bootmaker-Dave Hutchings

Engraver-Joe Curtiss

Master Leather Artisan-George E. Hurst

Garnet Brooks Chuckwagon-Shirley Richardson

WMA Showcase And Awards Show 2012

My adventures at the WMA Showcase And Awards Show 2012 started with the opening luncheon and Baxter Black!  He was wonderful!  And what a trill to meet him!

Then the showcases started! Naomi Bristow was next! A very talented young lady with no place to go but up! At the opening luncheon I sat with Troy Bateson …(who was on stage later with Barry Ward)…and Mustang Mikki!  It was so much fun to get to know them.  Then I got to see them perform!  Mustang Mikki is a talented 16 year old who won the Youth Yoddler contest and the Best Of The Best.  Also Thursday afternoon I got to listen to Allan Chapman…Gency Brown…The Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers…and John Bergstrom.

Friday morning found me at the DJ panel and that was one of the best I have been to.  It was fascinating to me to find out how diverse our shows really are.  What a kick!  It was an honor to be in the company of such a group!

After that, I’ve completely lost track of what happened when…but one of the highlights of the weekend was the main stage performances with Dave Stamey, Juni Fisher and R.W. Hampton!  It turned out to be a “roast” with incredible music!  Unbelievable entertainment!

As the weekend went along I heard my friend Jim Jones signing my favorite songs…Doug Muchmore great singer and father of one of my favorite NM Girl Staters…LeeLee Robert, talented lady whom I have loved getting the know the last 2 years…”V”…what a neat gal and great singer.  Looking forward to getting to know here better!  James Michael and Call of the WestJeanne Cahill and Jerome Campbell…there’s a talented group of friends!  Buffalo Bill and Dr. JoHorse Crazy Cowgirl Band…Almeda Bradshaw…and of course there was Kristyn Harris singing by herself and accompanying various performers.

Another highlight of the weekend was the Youth Stage!  James Michael does a wonderful job with these young singers and musicians!  Of course had the kids not been incredibly talented when they arrived it would have been a different story…but they were!  The youth that you already know were of course Kristyn Harris and Mustang Mikki but they were joined on the Youth Stage by Leah and David Sawyer, both gifted singers and fiddlers (and I think they are 7 and 9).  And by singers Mandy Brown and Forrest Mackey.  There was also an unbelievable young lady there who played 9 string instruments and sang and I was so mesmerized by her performance that I forgot to write down her name or take pictures.  If anyone has that information please send it to me and I’ll add it.  It was a spectacular performance!  Thank you James Michael for donating your time to this project!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Awards Show Saturday night at the beautiful Kimo Theater couldn’t have been better!  It was so well organized by Lisa Hampton, the MCs did a great job and the entertainment was of course…award winning!  Congratulations to Dave Stamey, the man of the evening, who won Traditional Album of the Year for Twelve Mile Road, Songwriter of the Year, Male Performer of the Year and Entertainer of the Year!  Congratulations also to: Patty Clayton for Western Swing Album of the Year for Dancin’ In Denver; Rich O’Brien, Instrumentalist of the Year; Susie Knight for Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year for Western Wordsmith; Yvonne Hollenbeck for Cowboy Poetry Book of the Year for Christmas On The Range; Les Buffham, Male Poet of the Year; Sam DeLeeuw, Female Poet of the Year; Janet McBride, winner of the Curly Musgrave Award; Marvin O’Dell, DJ of the Year; Kristyn Harris, the Crescendo Award; Les Buffham and Mary Kaye, Song of the Year, No Wilder Place; Belinda Gail, Female Performer of the Year; Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers, Duo or Group of the Year; Mustang Mikki, Youth Yodeler and Best of the Best Yodeler; Miss Devon and the Outlaw, Duo Yodelers and The Sawyer Family, Trio Yodelers!

What a year for Western Music and Cowboy Poetry!!!  Thank you for letting me play a small roll in getting it out to the public!  See you in Albuquerque next year!!!

WMA Showcase & Awards Show

2012 WMA Showcase & Awards Show

November 14-18  –  Albuquerque, NM

Make Your Reservations at the Marriott Albuquerque Today!

download ticket order form

Request the 2012 WMA Showcase & Awards Show Brochure

NOTE: Prices shown are for WMA Members; consult the ticket order form for Non-Member Prices             

WEDNESDAY, November 14

3:00-6:00  pm                    Performers CD Check-In

7:00-9:00  pm                    Western Swing Dance

Syd Masters & The  Swing Riders featuring the High Desert Dancers

THURSDAY, November 15

8:00 am–7:00 pm             Member Registration & Ticket Sales

8:00 am-5:00 pm              Performers CD Check-In

12:00 noon – 6:00 pm     WMA Mercantile & Silent Auction

Personal & Professional Development Workshops

8:00-10:00  am                   Lessons from a Desperado Poet ($25)

Baxter Black

(hosted by WMA Western Wordsmiths Chapter)

10:00-11:30  am                 Distributing Your Music Digitally ($10)

                                     Bill Lindsay, Hamblen  Music Co.

12:00  noon-1:30 pm          Opening Lunch ($25)

Keynote Speaker: Baxter Black

There is no charge for daytime stages


2:00-2:45 pm                  Hosted by Troy Bateson

Tom Angle, Gency Brown, Almeda Bradshaw

3:00-3:45 pm           Hosted by John Bergstrom

Coyote Creek Ramblers, Jerry Hall & Trick Shot, Earl Gleason

4:00-4:45 pm           Hosted by Jerry Hall & Trick Shot

Francine Roark Robison, Glenn Moreland, Barry Ward


2:00-2:45 pm           Hosted by Judy James

Susie Knight, Carol Markstrom, Dale Page

3:00-3:45 pm       Hosted by Dennis Jay

Miss Devon & The Outlaw, Miss V, Tom Hawk

4:00-4:45 pm           Hosted by Doug Muchmore

Bj Smith, Paul Kelly, David Waddle

6:00-8:00  pm             Crisis Fund Dinner & Show ($35)

                             The Cowboy Ain’t Dead Yet

RJ Vandygriff  & Friends

FRIDAY, November 16

7:30  am–6:00 pm         Member Registration &  Ticket Sales

12:00 noon–6:00 pm    WMA Mercantile & Silent Auction

NOTE: The Mercantile  will re-open after the Friday Night Opry.

Personal & Professional Development  Workshops

8:00-12:00  noon             WMA Youth Chapter Workshops

8:00-8:30  am     Youth Membership Meeting

8:30-10:15  am   Basics of Songwriting

10:30-noon        What to Expect When Making a                                                                 Recording

8:00-10:00  am                Cowboy Poetry &  the Power of Story ($10)

Joe  Herrington

10:00-10:45am                The Rodeo  of Public Speaking ($10)

Lee Lee Robert

10:45-11:45  am                DJ Panel (No charge)

   Moderator: Marvin O’Dell

                                    Panelists: O.J.  Sikes, Donna Howell, Dick Hall, Eddy Leverett, Butch Martin, Peter Bruce, Al  Krtil,  Judy James, Jarle Kvale

There is no charge for daytime stages


12:00-12:30 pm                    Mary Kaye

12:40-1:10 pm            Call of the West

1:20-1:50 pm                    Joyce Woodson

2:00-3:30 pm                    MATINEE CONCERT

Featuring Dave Stamey, Juni Fisher, RW Hampton

3:40-4:10 pm           Yampa Valley Boys

4:20-4:50 pm         Kerry Grombacher


12:00-12:45 pm         Hosted by Aspen Black

Doug Figgs, Troy Bateson, Allan Chapman

1:00-1:45 pm           Hosted by Gency Brown

Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers, John Bergstrom, Austin O’Dell

3:30-4:15 pm                      Hosted by Tom Angle

Patty Clayton, Naomi Bristow, Fred Hargrove

4:30-5:15 pm         Hosted by Buck Helton

Dennis “Quickdraw” Knill, Dale Page, Ernie Martinez


12:00-12:45 pm     Hosted by TBA

Judy James, Mountain Saddle Band, Royce Smithey

1:00-1:45 pm     Hosted by Barry Ward

Sam DeLeeuw, The Texas Trailhands, Rodger Maxwell

3:30-4:15 pm       Hosted by Terry Brown

Jim Jones, Mustang Mikki, Doug Muchmore

4:30-5:15 pm                Hosted by Miss V

Carr Family Cowboy Band, Susie Knight, LeeLee Robert

4:00 – 6:00 pm          WMA  Chapter Officers Roundtable

For all current and incoming WMA Chapter officers.

7:00-9:00 pm             Friday Night Opry ($15)

3 TRAILS WEST, Buffalo Bill & Dr. Jo, Terry Brown, Allan Chapman, Fred Hargrove, Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band, Dennis Jay, Miss Devon & The Outlaw, Glenn Moreland, Open Range, Prairie Moon, Joyce Woodson, Flying W Wranglers, G.T. Hurley, Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers, Jerry Hall & Trick Shot, Almeda Bradshaw, STAMPEDE!, Cowgirl True, Judy Coder, Ball Family, Francine Roark Robison, James Michael, Barry Ward, Joe Herrington

SATURDAY, November 17

8:00  am-10:00 am        WMA Membership Meeting

                              Continental  Breakfast at 7:30 am

Open  to all current and future WMA members.

11:00  am- 6:00 pm        Registration & Ticket Sales

11:00  am-5:00 pm          WMA Mercantile & Silent Auction

NOTE: The Mercantile  will re-open after the Awards Show.

11:00 am                           Yodeling Contest

2:00 pm                             Harmony Contest

There is no charge for daytime stages


11:00-11:30 am         The Texas Trailhands

11:40-12:10 pm         Patty Clayton

12:20-12:50 pm         Jerry Hall & Trick Shot

1:00-1:30 pm         Kristyn Harris

1:40-2:10 pm           Flying W Wranglers

2:20-2:50 pm           Doc Mehl

3:00-3:30 pm         Judy Coder

3:40-4:10 pm           Stardust Cowboys


11:00-11:45 am           Hosted by Dale Page

Troy Bateson, Sandy Reay

12:00-12:45 pm          Hosted by Earl Gleason

Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band, Judy James, Joe                                            Herrington

1:00-1:45 pm               Hosted by Sam DeLeeuw

Bill Barwick & Sons of the Tumbleweed, Jim Jones,

Prairie Moon

2:00-2:45 pm Hosted by GT Hurley


3:00-4:45 pm         YOUTH STAGE

Hosted by James Michael & Jane Leche


11:00-11:45 am           Hosted by Open Range

John Bergstrom, Almeda Bradshaw, GT Hurley

12:00-12:45 pm                   Hosted by Doug Figgs

Kerry Grombacher, Dennis Jay,

Mountain Saddle Band

1:00-1:45 pm       Hosted by Fred Hargrove

Glenn Moreland, Yampa Valley Boys,

Doug Muchmore

2:00-2:45 pm           Hosted by Tom Hawk

Dick Warwick, Way Out West

3:00-3:45 pm                      Hosted by Susie Knight

Call of the West, Aspen Black, Bob Thomas

4:00-4:45 pm                      Hosted by Royce Smithey

Buck Helton, Open Range, Del Kubena

7:00-9:00  pm                  WMA Awards Show (KiMo Theatre) ($25)

(Bus  service will be available for $5 a person)

9:30 pm                           Reception (Marriott Grand Ballroom)

Meet  & Greet with all the Award Nominees

SUNDAY, November 18

9:00-11:00  am                Cowboy Church (No Charge)

Led by Steve Harrington

Tom Angle, Troy Bateson, Aspen Black, Almeda Bradshaw, Naomi Bristow, Call of the West, Carr Family Cowboy Band, Jan Michael Corey, Janice Deardorff, Doug Figgs, Earl Gleason, Buck Helton, Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band, Mary Kaye, Dennis “Quickdraw” Knill, Del Kubena, Pete Laumbach, Ernie Martinez, Mountain Saddle Band, Steve Porter, Francine Roark Robison, Royce Smithey, STAMPEDE, Stardust Cowboys, Barry Ward

9:00  am-12:00 noon        Mercantile & Silent Auction Pick Up



2012 Nominations for the AWA


…Rex Allen Jr.
…Bill Barwick
…”Buffalo Bill” Boycott
…Terry Brown
…Jon Chandler
…Richard Lee Cody
…Cecil Cravens
…Don Edwards
…Joel Eliot
…Gary Fjellgaard
…Doug Figgs
…Les Gilliam
…Skip Gorman
…Wylie Gustafson
…R. W. Hampton
…Fred Hargrove
…Andy Hedges
…Tom Hiatt
…Brenn Hill
…Jim Jones
…Steve Jones
…Paul Kelly
…Dennis Knill
…Kyle Martin
…Richard Martin
…Tree Manane
…James Michael
…Lloyd Morris
…Michael Martin Murphey
…Gary S Pratt
…Troy Ross
…”Coyote” Joe Sartin
…Sourdough Slim
…Steven Spaulding
…Dave Stamey
…Red Steagall
…Bob Thomas
…Ian Tyson
…Barry Ward
…Andy Wilkinson …Tom Hanshew
…Robert Beene
…Tim Graham
…Rod Taylor
…Daron Little
…Randy Huston


..Lynn Anderson
…Eli Barsi
…Aspen Black
…Almeda Bradshaw
…Patty Clayton
…Judy Coder
…Kathy Faber
…Juni Fisher
…Belinda Gail
…Joni Harms
…Judy James
…Brenda Libby
…Linda Lee Filener
…Mary Kaye
…Susie Knight
…Amy Lydon
…Barbara Nelson
…Jean Prescott
…Trinity Seely
…Miss V


…Cross Town Cowboys
…Dallas & PJ McCord
…Double Take
…English Brothers
…Hansen Family Singers
…Holy Water & Whiskey
…Katy Creek
…Many Strings
…Mountain Saddle Band
…Nevada Slim & Cimarron Sue
…Old West Trio
…Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers
…Riders in the Sky
…Sons of the San Joaquin
…Stardust Cowboys
…Tumbling Tumbleweeds
…Yampa Valley Boys
…Way Out West
…Andy Wilkinson/Andy Hedges
…Bar D Wranglers


…Rex Allen Jr-Other Voices
…Aspen Black-From the Heart of a Cowgirl
…”Buffalo Bill” Boycott-The Best of Buffalo Bill
…English Brothers-Living the Western Way
…Terry Brown-It’s A Cowboy Thang
…Jon Chandler-The Gang
…Patty Clayton-Dancing in Denver
…Judy Coder-Songcatcher
…Cecil Craven-A Western Legacy
…Cross Town Cowboys-That Old Prairie Moon
…Ken Curtis-The Ken Griffis Memorial Edition
…Double Take-A Closer Look
…Joel Eliot-Cowboy Simple
…Kathy Faber-Lights of Santa Fe
…Gary Fjellgaard – The Collection
…Doug Figgs-Some of My Favorites
…Linda Lee Filener-Can’t Quit Riding
…Stuart Hamblen-Country
…Joni Harms – Harm’s Way
…Fred Godwin-Roy Rogers Tribute
…Skip Gorman – A Herder’s Call
…Fred Hargrove-Watching Eagles Fly
…Hansen Family Singers-My Best To You
…Holy Water & Whiskey-Spirits of All Kinds
…Judy James – My God and I
…Jim Jones-Borrowed Time
…Steve Jones-That Irish Kid
…Katy Creek – Wild Rose
…Mary Kaye-No Wilder Place
…Paul Kelly-Old New Mexico
…Dennis Knill-Moonlight Ride
…Brenda Libby-On The Outskirts of Crazy, More or Less
…Many Strings – A Cattlestrophic Compilation
…Kyle Martin-Child of the West
…Richard Martin-Fall Roundup.
…James Michael-Beyond the Divide
…Cowboy Playground
…Dallas & PJ McCord-Roll On Tumbleweed
…Don Miller-Don & The Roping Dummies
…Michael Martin Murphey-Campfire on the Road
…Scott O Malley-Another Jubilee
…Barbara Nelson-Crazy Western Swing
…Gary S Pratt-Lomax
…Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers-Breakin’ Out
…Riders in the Sky-Land Beyond the Sun
…Saddlestrings – Ride to Get There
…Stardust Cowboys-How The Cowboys Swung The West
…Troy Ross-Above the Timberline
…Mountain Saddle Band-The Heart of a Cowboy
…Trinity Seely-Trinity
…Steven Spaulding-Rougher As You Go
…Dave Stamey-12 Mile Road
…Barry Ward-West of Dodge
…Miss V-The Itinerant Lady
…Yampa Valley Boys-The Irish Kid
…Way Out West-Saddle Sore Blues
…Andy Wilkinson/Andy Hedges-The Outlands
…Bar D Wranglers-Tales From The Trail
…Jean Prescott-America: Home Sweet Home


…Red Allen Jr-Arizona Waltz
…Rex Allen Jr-Bullets In The Gun
…Patty Clayton-Black Hay
…Patty Clayton-Let’s Dance
…Patty Clayton-My Heart Beats For The Boogie
…Cecil Cravens-Pushin’ Horns to Kansas
…Cecil Cravens-One More Day
…Cecil Cravens-Trail Drivin’ Cowboy
…Cross Town Cowboys-That Old Prairie Moon
…Cross Town Cowboys-Dogies Lullaby
…Cross Town Cowboys-Beans
…Cross Town Cowboys-Little Annie Sunshine
…Mary Kaye-No Wilder Place
…Katy Creek-Wild Colts and Wild Hearts
…Ken Curtis-The Old High Lonesome
…Ken Curtis-Grand Canyon
…Richard Martin-Fall Roundup
…James Michael-Serenade of the Bells
…James Michael-Blue Mountain
…James Michael-Beyond the Divide
…Lloyd Morris-Lonesome Buckaroo
…Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers-Just a Little Bit Cowgirl
…Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers-My Only Love
…Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers-The Bronze Buckaroo
…Riders in the Sky-There’s A Blue Sky Way Out Yonder
…Dave Stamey-Song For Jake
…Stardust Cowboys-How The Cowboys Swung The West
…Troy Ross-Outlaw Trail
…Bob Thomas-Charley
…Bob Thomas-The Cowboy
…Barry Ward-Eli Crow
…Barry Ward-Our Own Part Of The West
…Way Out West-Saddle Sore Blues
…Way Out West-Inspired By Montana
…Way Out West-Thinkin’ Outside The Corral
…Way Out West-The Inn At The End Of The Trail


…Dusty Hart
…Tom Hawk
…Kristyn Harris

Congratulations to you all!!!


Awards Nominations for 2012 from the Western Music Association

2012 Award Nominations…..

The final nominees for the 2012 WMA Awards of Excellence are listed below. Ballots were sent to all WMA members in good standing on September 15, 2012. Ballots must be postmarked by Otober 15, 2012 to be counted. Awards will be presented at the 2012 WMA Awards Show on November 18, 2012 at the KiMo Theatre in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

For more information on the nominees or to go to their websites, visit their individual  listings under the “Performers” Tab.


  • A  Cowboy’s Song – Sons of the San Joaquin
  • My  Horse Knows the Way Home – Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band
  • Songcatcher  – Judy Coder
  • Twelve  Mile Road – Dave Stamey
  • West  of Dodge – Barry Ward


  • Breakin’  Out – The Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers
  • Dancin’in Denver – Patty Clayton
  • Saddle  Sore Blues – Way Out West


  • The  18 & 21 Waltz-Written by Marvin O’Dell/Recorded by The Red  Hot Rhythm Rustlers
  • My  Horse Knows the Way Home-Written by Dave McClure/Recorded by Horse  Crazy Cowgirl Band
  • No  Wilder Place – Written by Les Buffham & Mary  Kaye/Recorded by Mary Kaye
  • Song  for Jake – Written by Dave Stamey/Recorded by Dave  Stamey
  • Twelve  Mile Road – Written by Dave Stamey/Recorded by Dave  Stamey


  • Tom  Boyer
  • Jeanne  Cahill
  • Rich  O’Brien
  • Ric  Steinke
  • Johnny  Neill


  • Bill  Barwick
  • R.  W. Hampton
  • Michael  Martin Murphey
  • Dave  Stamey
  • Barry  Ward


  • Juni  Fisher
  • Belinda  Gail
  • Mary  Kaye
  • Jean  Prescott
  • Nancy  Ruybal


  • 3  Trails West
  • Call  of the West
  • Horse  Crazy Cowgirl Band
  • The  Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers
  • Stampede


  • Bill  Barwick
  • Juni  Fisher
  • R.  W. Hampton
  • Riders  In The Sky
  • Dave  Stamey


  • Bruce  Huntington
  • Jim  Jones
  • Mary  Kaye
  • Dave  Stamey
  • Barry  Ward


  • Naomi  Bristow
  • Kristyn  Harris
  • Doug  Figgs
  • GT  Hurley
  • Trinity  Seely


  • Judy  James – Cowboy Jubilee
  • Marvin  O’Dell – Around the Campfire
  • Nancy  Pitchford, Bobbi Jean Bell, Julie Pomilia & Mike Dowler – Around the Barn
  • Totsie  Slover – The Real West from the Old West
  • Tommy  Tucker – The Western Heritage Show


  • Susie  Knight – Western Wordsmith
  • Dawn  Nelson – Then He Made Cowgirl
  • Steve  Porter – Forgotten
  • Francine  Roark Robison – Prairie Tales from the Heart
  • Dick  Warwick – Cowboy Poetry Lite (Nuthin’ Serious)


  • Clark  Crouch – Harkin’ Home
  • Steve  Deming – The Source
  • Yvonne  Hollenbeck – Christmas on the Range
  • Rod  Miller – Things a Cowboy Sees
  • Jane  Morton – In This Land of Little Rain


  • Les  Buffham
  • Clark  Crouch
  • Steve  Deming
  • Joe  Herrington
  • Andy  Nelson


  • Doris  Daley
  • Sam  DeLeeuw
  • Yvonne  Hollenbeck
  • Susie  Knight
  • Diane  Tribitt

Congratulations to all of this year’s nominees!

Western Heritage Celebration

Western Heritage Celebration

A Monthly Western Entertainment Series with Fresh Talent each Month. Music, poetry, performing and fine arts along with historical accounts including verbal story telling and written literature are a few methods in which this is done. Award winning entertainers, artists, authors and storytellers bring to life factual and legendary myths of the West. Offering quality, historical entertainment at affordable pricing is a must. Promoting Central Arizona, entertaining & educating the public and “Keepin’ the West Alive” is added benefit!

This month’s show is at: The Historic Woman’s Club Building, 407 N. Sacaton, Casa Grande, AZ 85122. (SW corner of Florence and Sacaton) and presents Mike Moutoux (featured performer) and Lee Anderson (featured author).

Mike Moutoux is a cowboy entertainer and poet, commonly known as “New Mexico’s Enchanting Cowboy.” He will put you as close to being in the saddle as words and music will allow – and leave you laughing at the same time. His motto is, “To capture the feelings of the places and the essence of the people I run across living and working here (the West).” For more on Mike go to – www.enchantingcowboy.com

Lee Anderson is a superb horseman and student of cowboy history. Spending a good deal of his 70+ years working with horses, over time, he came to realize most problems people have with horses can be attributed to the same root cause: communication (or the lack thereof). His book, Developing the Art of Equine Communication, gives you a good insight into why many common problems occur. For more on Lee, go to – www.historicaloldwest.org/index.html

Your host for the evening is Jim Olson. He is a ranch-raised cowboy, author, poet and entrepreneur living on a ranch near Stanfield, AZ that once belonged to John Wayne. He has three published books and will be signing at the event as well. For more on Jim, go to –  www.jimolsonauthor.com

Show time 7pm Saturday July 28, 2012

Bonus! – Open mike session at 6pm

Tickets are available at Foutz Trading Post in Old Town Casa Grande, on the web at www.brownpapertickets.com or at Powell’s Feed and Supply in Casa Grande. For further information, questions, tickets, etc. call: 520-424-9500 (Jim) or 520-705-5901 (Nancy).

Brought to you by Nancy Ruybal – www.katycreek.com and Bobbi Jeen Olson – www.bobbijeen.com  and the Stanfield Social Club, a 501(c)3 charitable organization. (A portion of the proceeds benefit area youth.)4

The Best in Western Music, Poetry, Literature and Art

Cowboy poet to perform in Los Alamos, NM

“Cowboy Poet: A C&W musical,” written, scored and directed by Deborah Magid, will have its world premiere 7:30 pm Friday, May 4 at the Los Alamos Little Theatre, 1670 Nectar Street, Los Alamos, NM. The play follows the efforts of Cowboy Poet Wyatt Rugosa to regain his muse, a woman he has loved from afar and whose yearly partner dance —  all movement, no words — provided his inspiration.  Now she’s available but his words have dried up.  Complicating matters are sub-plots of jealousy and theft, all tumbling together in a raucous exploration of desire, ambition, trust and hope — set to the rhythms and rhymes of Country and Western music.

Cowboy Poet will be performed 7:30 pm May 4, 5, 11, 12, 18 and 19 with a 2 pm matinee May 13.  Tickets are $12 general admission and $10 seniors and students.

For more information on the shows visit www.lalt.org. For more information on the play and playwright, visit www.deborahmagid.com


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