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From Oregon To Ireland – Joni Harms

Joni Harms Oregon to IrelandI received my copy of Joni Harms’ new CD “From Oregon To Ireland” this week and finally, today got to sit down and listen to it!  Them!  It’s a 2 CD set!  There are 22 cuts on this set and they’re all wonderful.  “From Oregon To Ireland” was recorded live in Ireland and that makes it that much more fun!  The  introduction in a lilting Irish brogue is great!  Joni is backed up by the talented Sheerin Family Band!  And the interaction with the audience  makes it all that much better.  You think you are sitting there with that room full of fun loving Irishmen listening to Joni Harms live!!

All the songs are either written or co-written by Joni Harms and they cover a multitude of topics from the sentimental “Harms Way” to the upbeat “Let’s Put The Western Back In The Country”…From “Louisiana Hot Sauce” to “West Texas Waltz.”   From “Love Won’t Get Nowhere If We Don’t Start Somewhere” to “We Work It Out.”  They are all great!  You’ll love it as much as I do!  Order your CDs today by logging onto www.joniharms.com!  You’ll be glad you did!!!

Blue Horizon by Sid Hausman & Washtub Jerry

Sid HausmanWhat a treat!  Sid Hausman and Washtub Jerry bring us “Blue Horizon”…with Western Swing Ukulele! A Western Swing CD with 14 cuts of pure delight!  I particularly like “Ridin’ Down The Canyon, ” “Oklahoma Hills,” “”That’s What I Like About The South,” “Only In Texas”…ah, I’ve got to be honest!  I like ’em all!  It’s simple, pure, clear, honest Western Music.

When you couple Sid Hausman’s voice and Uke, and Jerry’s Washtub with talented musicians: Brigham Hausman on Trombone; George Langston on Guitar and Concert Uke; Ollie O’Shea on Fiddle and Roger Baker on piano you are going to be entertained!  It’s wonderful!

To add this CD to your library simply log onto http://sidhausman.com or http://washtubjerry.com.  Or email Sid at sidhausman@yahoo.com.  I’m sure they will appreciate it…and so will you!

“V” The Gypsy Cowbelle


“V”  The Gypsy Cowbelle entertained the audience this afternoon at Morgan Hall in Deming, NM in fine Cowbilly style!  If you weren’t there…you should’ve been.

“V” has written numerous songs that all have a story to tell either about her life on a secluded Wyoming ranch or about folks she has met along the way.  She does a wonderful job introducing you to the people or putting you in the place she is singing about.  She is a talented entertainer and we were lucky to have her in Deming.  Thank you Deming Performing Arts Theater, for bringing her to town.  And Thank You Miss “V” for the delightful show!  I look forward to the next one!

For  more information about “V” The Gypsy Cowbelle, log on to www.gypsycowbelle.com.  And buy a CD while you’re there!  “The Itinerant Lady” is wonderful.  You should have it in your library!

Tales from The Old West – Bengt Huhta and Borge Nylund

Tales from the Old WestHow much fun was this???  Lillies Olhsson is a Country Music and Western Music promoter and DJ in Sweden.  I “met” him when I was the editor of “Backforty Bunkhouse Newsletter” for Joe Baker and we’ve communicated off and on ever since. I learned a lot from reading his articles.  A friend whom I have never met.

Lillies has been promoting Country Music in Sweden for YEARS!  Received an email from him last week telling me he was sending a CD.  I was excited!  It’s not everyday you get a CD from someone in Sweden…and this one is actually from Finland!   And it’s a Cowboy Music CD!  And…it’s great!

All the songs are written by Borje Nylund as well as the “intermissions.”  The CD was produced by Borje Nylund’s company Northern Stars in his recording studio which is in a “refurnished” barn.  It’s amazing!  They even have living quarters, complete with a kitchen for artists who travel a long distance to record.  And it’s beautiful.  Check it out at www.countrymusic.fi.

On “Tales from The Old West” you will find 11 original songs and 6 “intermissions” and you’ll thoroughly enjoy it!  From “Let’s Discover The West” to “Best Wishes” you’ll love every cut!  Bengt Huhta is the lead vocalist and joining him are: Tony Lewis, narrator; Kenth Granbacka, harmony vocals and piano; Jan Granlund, harmony vocals and acoustic lead guitar; Pekka Viitala, electric guitar; Martin Soderbacka, electric guitar; Jussi Salminen, electric guitar; Esa Finnila, electric guitar; Thomas Enroth, piano, accordion and keyboard; Mikeal Frojdo, fiddle; Christian Lunabba, drums and percussion; David Forsblom, drums; Stig Dahlvik, trumpet; Stig-Goran Jansson, saxophone; Peter Nylund, pedal steel guitar and electric guitar; Borje Nylund, bass guitar, acoustic guitars and electric rhythm guitar; Peter Edstrom, drums; Rejd Nylund, lead vocal harmony vocals and acoustic guitar and Henry Riihimaki, electric guitar.  The voices are wonderful, the musicians are great and the songs are Cowboy!  What a treat!

You can order the CD at www.countrymusic.fi and see for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did!

For more information about Lillies Ohlsson go to www.leeswing88.blogspot.com.  It’s so much fun having friends in other parts of the world who love Country and Western music as much as I do…and they share it everywhere!  Thanks for the CD Lillies!!!

Bar-D Roundup Vol. 8

Bar-D 8The Center for Western and Cowboy Poetry outdid themselves with the latest Bar-D Roundup CD!  This one is a double CD compilation of some of the best Christmas Cowboy Poetry you will ever hear!  You will hear classic poems from poets like Bruce Kiskaddon, S. Omar Barker, Charles M. Russell, Charles Badger Clark, Jr., J.B. Allen, Sarlot Madbrith Hall, William Lawrence Chittenden, Earl Alonzo Brininstool, Rod Nichols and Rhoda Sivell recited by other poets and numerous originals.

Among the 48 cuts there are poems recited by: Buck Ramsey (1938-1995), Jay Snider, Gail Steiger, Red Steagall, DW Groethe, Pat Richardson, J.W. Beeson, Carole Jarvis, Jerry Brooks, Jimmy Dean (1928-2010),  Waddie Mitchell, Andy Hedges, Amy Hale Auker, Don Edwards, Jo Lynne Kirkwood, Jim “Curly” Musgrave (1943-2009), Rodney Nelson, Linda Kirkpatrick, Terry Nash, Jim Cathey, Don Kennington, Yvonne Hollenbeck, Deanna Dickinson McCall, Paul Kern, Keith Ward, Jane Morton, Georgie Sicking, Trey Allen, Andy Nelson, Elizabeth Ebert, Sam DeLeeuw, Janice Gilbertson, C.R. Wood, Ken Cook, Dick Morton, Dick Gibford, Robert Dennis, Hal Swift, Jim Thompson, Susan Parker, Colen H. Sweeten, Jr., Slim McNaught, Stan Tixier, Virginia Bennett, Diane Tribitt, Dee Strickland Johnson (“Buckshot Dot”) and Bruce Matley.

These poems were written and recited by Cowboys who have walked the walk and talked the talk.  They were written from the heart…and will touch yours.  You will enjoy each and every one of them.  This poetry will bring back the feeling of just doing what’s right.  Doing it “The Cowboy Way.”

For more information about Bar-D Roundup Vol. 8, log onto http://cowboypoetry.com.  You can order your copy from the website.  Place your order today so that you can have it before Christmas!  Thank you to the Center for Western And Cowboy Poetry for allowing me to record the PSA spot for the CD.  That was an honor.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

“A Cowboy Spirit” by Stuart Hooker

Stuart HookerI had the privilege of visiting with Stuart Hooker, Cowboy Poet, from up the road.  From me anyway.  He was born in Silver City, NM and raised on a ranch at Bear Creek, just northwest of there.  So…we’re almost neighbors. Stuart started writing poetry years ago but just recently published his first book.  Stuart has written poems about a variety of things that happen in a cowboy’s life.  There will be something there that jumps out and gets you. I think my favorite is “All My Cowboys Were Girls.”  But the one that brought back the most memories is “Bringin’ In A Dogie,”  I can just picture my daddy on Sonny with a dogie calf across the saddle in front of him.  He was such a good horse.  I’m sure your memories will be different than mine…but you’ll find a poem that strikes home.  These poems are about the real deal.

You can order a book at http://xlibris.com. Log on and click on “Bookstore.”  It’s available in paperback, hardback and e-book.  You’ll be glad you did.  You can also find more information about Stuart Hooker on http://cowboypoetry.com.

Kerry Grombacher will be appearing at Luna Rossa Winery!

Kerry Grombacher

Come out an join us for a night of great entertainment!  Bring friends.  Admission is free so you’ll have more money to tip the singer and buy his CDs!   See you there!

Greg Hager – Cowboy Way

Greg HagerI don’t know If I’ve been sleeping or if this young man has not been active in Western Music but I didn’t know about him until I received this CD…but I really like it! When the note in the album liner reads, “This album paints the picture of the ideals of the western life – how things are, how things used to be and how they can be again. This old world keeps changing, but treating people the way that you want to be treated just makes sense. Strive to work hard, love your neighbor and your family, have honor and live with respect and integrity, protect your reputation and above – have faith. It’s the cowboy way. – Greg.” This seems like the real deal. And it is!

Greg voice is strong and clear…and so is Hannah’s (Greg’s wife)! The words tell a story and have a true meaning. The musicians are great and so is the production! The musicians are Michael Baker (lead, acoustic, baritone and gut-string guitar); Mike Dunbar (bass guitar); Ed Glass (percussion); Dave Signs (keyboard, harmony vocals); David Russell (fiddle and Mandolin)’ and John Heinrich (dobro and pedal steel guitar and flute.) All the words and music are by Greg Hager.

For more information go to http://greghager.com. You will want to add this CD to your library!

From A Cowboy’s Heart – Steve Porter

Steve PorterThe highlight of the week was receiving Steve Porter’s new CD “From A Cowboy’s Heart!” What a treat! There are two of Steve’s original poems, “Simple Treasures” and “Bill Versus Progress,” both of them straight from the heart! Steve also recites poems by Jay Snider, Bruce Kiskaddon and Dale Page, A B “Banjo” Paterson. If Dale Page’s “Jenny’s Colt” doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, you’re a lot tougher than I am.

Along with the poetry, Steve sings seven good old Cowboy Songs, accompanied by Robert Nance on his acoustic guitar. It’s a great collection of good cowboy poetry and music and I know you’ll enjoy it! To order your CD contact Steve Porter at cwbyporter@aol.com or log onto http://steveportercowboypoet.com for more information about Steve Porter.

See you in Albuquerque at the WMA Convention, Steve!

‘Bout Time – Hot Texas Swing Band

Hot Texas Swing BandI’m not going to tell you about the last conversation I had with Alex Dormont…I ended up with egg on my face…but I’m sure glad we had it. LOL! I’ll eat crow any day to have a conversation with one of the artists I play on the radio.

Recently Alex Dormont and the Hot Texas Swing Band released “‘Bout Time!” And I’m sure glad they did! And that they sent one to me! What a CD!
Several of the songs were written by Dormont…and the rest of the song writers had names like Tyson, Nelson, Russell, Ellington, Gimble, Allen
So…they’re all great Western Swing Songs! From “I Forgot To Remember” to “Nightlife” you will be entertained! When you combine the great songs with the voices of Alex Dormont and Selena Rosanbalm and the instrumental talent of Jon Kemppainen (fiddle, vocals), Rick McRea (guitar), Karen Biller (drums), Scott Benner (tenor sax) Eric Johnson (trumpet), Danny Levin (piano), Erik Hokkanen (fiddle), Danny Mathis (steel guitar), Dave Biller (pedal steel guitar) and Paul Glasse (electric mandolin)…you get great music!!

Find out how to buy the CD for your musical library at http://HotTexasSwingBand.com. You will be so glad you did!!!

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