A blog about Cowboy Music, Western Swing and Cowboy Poetry. 2014 WMA Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year


Playing Western Music and Cowboy Poetry on the radio is my weekly therapy session that I don’t have to pay for!  There is nothing like closing yourself in the sound room at the station with nothing but the clock and wonderful music and poetry and the thousands of listeners in the radio audiance…well, maybe hundreds.  But they will come!  It’s not what I do for a living…it’s what I do for fun!  What a life!  I have met the most wonderful people, made good friends and learned so much about what is out there!  This radio show has given me a whole new life.  The cool thing is that is just keeps growing.

I started life in the New Mexico Boothill…Animas Valley.  Well…I was born in Douglas, AZ, but just stayed there a few days and came home to the ranch.  Our closest neighbor when I started school in Animas was 4 miles away and I’m an only child.  Believe me, I became good friends with Shep, KeyKom the tom cat, Dandy, my Shetland and the milkpen calf!  We had a lot of fun together.

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  1. Burns Laning said:

    Totsie, Im from san angelo . I just saw your site on the internet. Totsie ,I am trying to find how to order a bunch of cds of gil prather. could you please email this information to me or call me at 325-277-8579.I had the old cassette of his other album but it has been misplaced.I hope you are the one with this info. Thanks a lot, Burns Laning

  2. Fred Beck said:

    God luvya….you really hit home when you say weekly therapy session. What an inspiration you are to the way of life known only to us decendants from the far end of the dirt roads.

    Thank you so very much

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