A blog about Cowboy Music, Western Swing and Cowboy Poetry. 2014 WMA Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year

The Real West from the Old West


The Real West – Rod Taylor

Still Ridin’ – The Cowboy Way – Doin’ What We Do

Musician Standard Time – Kristyn Harris – A Place To Land

A Cowboy ‘Til I Die – The Cowboy Way – Doin’ What We Do

Finger Lickin’ Music – LeeLee Robert – Swing Set

The Windmill Sound – Susie Knight – Turn ‘Em Loose

Night Rider – Hot Texas Swing Band – Devil On My Tail

The Truth – AK Moss – The Truth

Cowboy Pride – Jim Wilson – West Of Somewhere

Ida Blue – Sophia Johnson & Rose Sinclair – Ida Red

Day Workin’ Cowboy – Matt Robertson – Just Cowboyin’

Insomnia Swing – Lori Beth Brooke – Texas Star

Cattle Rest Easy – Randy Huston – Cowboys And Girls

Miss Molly – Carlos Washington – Little Bit Of Texas

He And I – Deanna Dickinson McCall – I’ll Ride Thru It

Night Riders Lament – Ramblin’ Rangers – One More River To Cross

Tucumcari Woman – Dan Roberts – Viva La Cowboy

He Always Rode Good Horses – Jean Prescott – Satisfied Hearts

Stay All Night – Billy Mata – This Is Tommy Duncan, The Trilogy

If The Morning Comes – Dave Stamey – Good Dog

Swing Me A Song – Chuck Cusimano – Swingin’ Through The Years

Folks Who Do Know Horses – Tom Swearingen – Language Of The Land

We Rode The River Til The River Ran Dry – Kerry Grombacher – Range Of The Buffalo

Vaya Con Dios – Carolyn Martin – Wild West Texas Wind

Winnemucca Wind – Richard Elloyan – Once Upon A Desert Night

Won’t You Ride In My Little Red Wagon – AATW/Willie Nelson – Willie And The Wheel

Ruts Of The Santa Fe Trail – Barry Ward – Rancher’s Paradise

Texas Plains – The Hanson Family – Rhythm Rides Again

Tyrone And Tyree – Jay Snider – Of Horses And Men

Horse Sense – Joni Harms – Lucky 13

Still Fiddlin’ Around – Coby Carter – Legends

Jornado Del Muerto – Jon Messenger – Le Buffham Writes & Co-Writes Vol. 3

Panhandle Rag – Rose Sinclair – Lone Star Landing

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