A blog about Cowboy Music, Western Swing and Cowboy Poetry. 2014 WMA Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year

The Real West from the Old West


The Real West – Rod Taylor

A Horse Called The Bluesman – Gary Allegretto – Blues On The Trail

Hubbin’ It – Stephanie Davis – Western Bling     

Doin’ Just Fine – Tony Lundervold – Doin’ Just Fine

Acres Of Nowhere – Kristyn Harris – Down The Trail

Cowboy Caches – Jared Rogerson – Branch Of The Tree

Finger Lickin’ Music – LeeLee Robert – Swing Set

An Old Western Town – Randy Rieman – Masters Vol. 3

Cowgirl Tuff – Joni Harms – Lucky 13

Milk Cow Blues – Miss Devon & The Outlaw – Plains, Trains & Also Bob Wills

Cowboy Life – Donnie Poindexter – Cowboy Life

Across The Alley From The Alamo – Carolyn Martin – Wild West Texas Wind

Summer Wages – Jim Wilson – West Of Somewhere

Don Edwards For President – Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers – Too Hot To Handle

On Foot – Kathy Moss – Masters Vol. 3

Wyoming Woman, Montana Man – Mary Kaye – Take Me Back To Texas

Don’t Fence Me In – The Hanson Family – Rhythm Rides Again

Gracefully Gray – Jean Prescott – Satisfied Hearts

Little Bit Of Texas – Carlos Washington – Little Bit Of Texas

Desperados Waitin’ For A Train – Brenn Hill – Rocky Mountain Drifter

I Hear You Talkin’ – Hot Texas Swing Band – Off The Beaten Trail

Cowpokes In A Heap – Mark Munzert – Day Workin’

Fools Gold – The Cowboy Way – Go West

Worried Over You – Billy Mata – This Is Tommy Duncan Trilogy

I Make My Livin’ In A Saddle – The Cowboy Way – Go West

South Of The Border – Bobby Flores – Festival Favorites

My Brother And Me – Matt Robertson – Just Cowboyin’

Dance Time In Texas – Coby Carter – Legends

A Cowman’s Lot – Terry Nash – A Good Ride

The Hat Song – Mike Blakely – The Outside Circle

Jersey Bounce – Rose Sinclair – Lone Star Landing

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