A blog about Cowboy Music, Western Swing and Cowboy Poetry. 2014 WMA Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year

The Real West from the Old West – AM 1230 KOTS


The Real West – Rod Taylor

Intro – AATW/Leon Rausch – Still The King

Vaya Con Dios – Eddy Harrison – Trail Dust And Teardrops

I Wanna Go Home With You – T. Scot Wilburn – Café Del Norte

Amelia Crane – Belinda Gail – Out Of The Chute

Back In The Swing Of Things – Coby Carter – Legends

Branding Day – Jean Prescott – Traditions

Hired Hand – Deanna McCall – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 7

Swing Thing – Western Swing Authority – Now Playing

When The Cottonwoods Turn To Gold – Bill Barwick

Hubbin’ It – Stephanie Davis – Western Bling

Hole In Daddy’s Rope – Hannah Houston – Cowboys & Girls

Waltz Across Texas – Jimmy Tomlinson & Wayne Thompson – Jimmy Tomlinson & Friends

Fire Dances ‘Cross The Skies/Brenda Libby – Fire Dances

Our Time – John Dofflemyer – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 7

Across The Alley From The Alamo – Dave Alexander – Alexander’s Goodtime Band

A Cowboy’s What I’ll Be – Kevin Davis – Every Horse I Ever Rode

Who’s Sorry Now – Carolyn Martin – A Platter Of Brownies

Driftin’ Cowboy – R.W. Hampton – This Cowboy

You Don’t Know Me – Brady Bowen/Mike Poe – Old Pictures In A New Frame

Spirit Rider – Brenn Hill – Spirit Rider

Rules For Attending Our Branding – Andy Nelson – Full Nelson Shoeing

It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie – Mikki Daniel/Dave Alexander – Cowgirl Swing

Ridin’ With Red – Jon Chandler – The Gang

Yodel Western Swing – Kristyn Harris – Let Me Ride

Blue Mountains Of Mexico – Jim Wilson – Border Bravo

Mona Lisa – Billy Mata – By Request

Smoke Of The Brandin’ Fire – Jim Jones – Race With The Wind

I’m Gonna Be A Cowboy – Ken Cook – I’m Gonna Be A Cowboy

House Of Blue Lights – Sid Hausman & Washtub Jerry – Blue Horizon

From The Ranch To The Rodeo – Tony Lundervold

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