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Jim Jones!

Jim Jones Performs For Friend at Patriotic Gala in Scottsdale

Jim Jones was honored and surprised when friend Mike Rutherford of Rutherford Diversified Industries asked Jones to perform “Old Soldier” as his acceptance speech at the Patriotic Gala in Scottsdale. Rutherford Diversified Industries, based in Sierra Vista, AZ, received the esteemed Copper Eagle award during the ceremonies for their exceptional support to service men and women locally.

“Mike heard me perform “Old Soldier” at the Arizona Folklore Preserve and he approached me shortly thereafter with the request for me to perform it when he received this wonderful award,” Jones explains.

“Mike is one of the good guys – a successful businessman who gives back unselfishly and mostly anonymously to his community- so I was tremendously honored that he wanted to include me in the ceremony.  I’ll tell you what, the most difficult part of the whole thing was to get through the performance without choking up. Here I was singing this song to a room full of heroes and they were just so appreciative. It really makes you feel humble.”

“Old Soldier” is Jones’ tribute to the men and women who fight for the freedoms and rights of Americans. He wrote the song after a friend told him about his father, who had been a bonafide hero in World War II, commanding a battalion of soldiers and living through battle after battle. At the time, his friend’s father was in his late 80s and had difficulty even walking up the stairs.

“He described how hard it was for his father to allow himself to be taken care of and what a challenge it was for him, as the son, to do what needed to be done while being respectful of his father’s dignity,” Jones explains.  “As I began writing the song, memories of my own father crept into the story as well.  These folks are known as ‘the greatest generation’ and there aren’t that many of them left. I figured I’d better say thank you while I still had the chance.”

The Patriotic Gala, one of the most anticipated veteran’s events of the year in Scottsdale, attracts service men and women, active, former and retired, as well as business, civic and philanthropic leaders from around the state to honor leaders and patriots who have served the nation.

“Old Soldier” is on Jones’ new album, “Race with the Wind.” The album is available for download on iTunes and other online retailers as well as through Jones’ website, www.jimjonesmusic.com.

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