A blog about Cowboy Music, Western Swing and Cowboy Poetry. 2014 WMA Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year

The Real West from the Old West – AM 1230 KOTS


The Real West – Rod Taylor

San Antonio Rose – The Hanson Family – Rope That Rhythm

True Love Ways – Coby Carter – Legends

You Can’t Get There From Here – Jim Jones

Move It On Over – Sharyn Lee – Swingin’ On A Ridge

Wheatfields – Barry Ward – Distant Furrows

Sweet Georgia Brown – Carolyn Martin – A Platter Of Brownies

Hilda’s Bloomers – Sam DeLeeuw – Spreadin’ Sunshine

Wyoming: Jewel Of The West – LeeLee Robert – Jewel Of The West

It Makes No Difference Now – Mike Dart – Slippin’ Around

Shenandoah – Belinda Gail – Granite Mountain

You Can’t Make It Up – Rick & The Ramblers – Welcome To Our Vermont

Bright Lights & Country Music – Janice Maynard – I’ll Take My Chances

Give Yourself To Love – Judy and Jennifer

Grandpa’s Spurs – Ken Cook – Cowboys Are Like That

She Should Be Me – Mikki Daniel/Dave Alexander – Cowgirl Swing

Socios – Doug Figgs – Partners

Interview – Doug Figgs

Comanche – R.W. Hampton – This Cowboy

My Window Faces The South – Kristyn Harris – Let Me Ride

Frog Kissin’ – Eddy Harrison – Trail Dust And Teardrops

Alkali Ike’s Zippers – Ila-Jane Owen/Kiskaddon – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 9

Heroes From The Past – The Yarbrough Band – Heroes From The Past

The Gift – Ramblin’ Rangers – Ramblin’ On

Swingtime In The Rockies – Open Range – Swingtime In The Rockies

Young Cowboy – Tony Lundervold – From The Ranch To The Rodeo

It’s A Good Day – AATW/Leon Rausch – It’s A Good Day

Cowgirl At Heart – Janice Deardorff – Part Of The West

It Sorta Makes Sense – Virginia Bennett – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 9

Baby That Sure Would Go Good – Stephanie Davis – Western Bling

Mockingbird Yodel – Judy and Jennifer

Shuffleitis – Chuck Cusimano – The Collection Vol. 1

Rustler’s Moon – Jim Jones – Race With The Wind

Tiny’s Tempo – Rose Sinclair

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