A blog about Cowboy Music, Western Swing and Cowboy Poetry. 2014 WMA Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year


Ballots will be sent to all WMA members in good standing about September 1, 2014.

2014 Western Album of the Year
“Granite Mountain” – Belinda Gail
“Listen” – Juni Fisher
“Live in Santa Ynez” – Dave Stamey
“Lonesome County Road” – Barry Ward
“Traditions” – Jean Prescott

2014 Cowboy Swing Album of the Year
“Always A Cowboy In My Dreams” – Syd Masters & The Swing Riders
“Blue Horizon” – Sid Hausman & Washtub Jerry
“Gotta Be A Cowgirl” – Mikki Daniel
“Too Hot To Handle” – Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers
“Trails Less Traveled” – 3 TRAILS WEST

2014 Song of the Year
“A Cowboy Hat” – Written & Recorded by Trinity Seely
“Along the Buffalo” – Written & Recorded by Belinda Gail
“Don Edwards for President” – Written by Marvin O’Dell & Recorded by The Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers
“He Sang for Me” – Written by Joyce Woodson & Recorded by Belinda Gail
“Still There” – Written by Juni Fisher & Waddie Mitchell & Recorded by Juni Fisher

2014 Instrumentalist of the Year
Tom Boyer
Jeanne Cahill
Ernie Martinez
Johnny Neil
Rich O’Brien

2014 Male Performer of the Year
Bill Barwick
R.W. Hampton
Jim Jones
Dave Stamey
Barry Ward

2014 Female Performer of the Year
Juni Fisher
Belinda Gail
Kristyn Harris
Mary Kaye
Jean Prescott

2014 Duo or Group of the Year
Allegretto & Espinoza
Call of the West
Miss Devon & The Outlaw
Open Range
The Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers

2014 Entertainer of the Year
Bill Barwick
Juni Fisher
Belinda Gail
Mary Kaye
Dave Stamey

2014 Crescendo Award
Doug Figgs
The Hanson Family
Jeneve Rose Mitchell
Leah Sawyer
Trinity Seely

2014 Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year
Judy James – Cowboy Jubilee & Western Heritage Radio – Weatherford, TX
Marvin O’Dell – Around the Campfire/Defenders of Freedom Radio – Redding, CA
Barbara Richhart – Western Belle Cow Trails – Mancos, CO
Totsie Slover – The Real West from the Old West – Deming, NM
Tommy Tucker – Snake River Radio Roundup – Lewiston, ID

2014 Male Poet of the Year
Paul Bliss
Joe Herrington
Doc Mehl
Terry Nash
Andy Nelson

2014 Female Poet of the Year
Teresa Burleson
Sam DeLeeuw
Susie Knight
Mag Mawhinney
Diane Tribitt


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