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Sid HausmanWhat a treat!  Sid Hausman and Washtub Jerry bring us “Blue Horizon”…with Western Swing Ukulele! A Western Swing CD with 14 cuts of pure delight!  I particularly like “Ridin’ Down The Canyon, ” “Oklahoma Hills,” “”That’s What I Like About The South,” “Only In Texas”…ah, I’ve got to be honest!  I like ’em all!  It’s simple, pure, clear, honest Western Music.

When you couple Sid Hausman’s voice and Uke, and Jerry’s Washtub with talented musicians: Brigham Hausman on Trombone; George Langston on Guitar and Concert Uke; Ollie O’Shea on Fiddle and Roger Baker on piano you are going to be entertained!  It’s wonderful!

To add this CD to your library simply log onto http://sidhausman.com or http://washtubjerry.com.  Or email Sid at sidhausman@yahoo.com.  I’m sure they will appreciate it…and so will you!

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