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Tales from the Old WestHow much fun was this???  Lillies Olhsson is a Country Music and Western Music promoter and DJ in Sweden.  I “met” him when I was the editor of “Backforty Bunkhouse Newsletter” for Joe Baker and we’ve communicated off and on ever since. I learned a lot from reading his articles.  A friend whom I have never met.

Lillies has been promoting Country Music in Sweden for YEARS!  Received an email from him last week telling me he was sending a CD.  I was excited!  It’s not everyday you get a CD from someone in Sweden…and this one is actually from Finland!   And it’s a Cowboy Music CD!  And…it’s great!

All the songs are written by Borje Nylund as well as the “intermissions.”  The CD was produced by Borje Nylund’s company Northern Stars in his recording studio which is in a “refurnished” barn.  It’s amazing!  They even have living quarters, complete with a kitchen for artists who travel a long distance to record.  And it’s beautiful.  Check it out at www.countrymusic.fi.

On “Tales from The Old West” you will find 11 original songs and 6 “intermissions” and you’ll thoroughly enjoy it!  From “Let’s Discover The West” to “Best Wishes” you’ll love every cut!  Bengt Huhta is the lead vocalist and joining him are: Tony Lewis, narrator; Kenth Granbacka, harmony vocals and piano; Jan Granlund, harmony vocals and acoustic lead guitar; Pekka Viitala, electric guitar; Martin Soderbacka, electric guitar; Jussi Salminen, electric guitar; Esa Finnila, electric guitar; Thomas Enroth, piano, accordion and keyboard; Mikeal Frojdo, fiddle; Christian Lunabba, drums and percussion; David Forsblom, drums; Stig Dahlvik, trumpet; Stig-Goran Jansson, saxophone; Peter Nylund, pedal steel guitar and electric guitar; Borje Nylund, bass guitar, acoustic guitars and electric rhythm guitar; Peter Edstrom, drums; Rejd Nylund, lead vocal harmony vocals and acoustic guitar and Henry Riihimaki, electric guitar.  The voices are wonderful, the musicians are great and the songs are Cowboy!  What a treat!

You can order the CD at www.countrymusic.fi and see for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did!

For more information about Lillies Ohlsson go to www.leeswing88.blogspot.com.  It’s so much fun having friends in other parts of the world who love Country and Western music as much as I do…and they share it everywhere!  Thanks for the CD Lillies!!!

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