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JP Gorham

As I sit in the southwest desert reading on Facebook about how bad the weather is in other parts of the country I realize how lucky I am to live here.  It brought to mind J.P. Gorham’s book of contemporary cowboy poetry, “The Grass Is Never Greener.”  You must understand I am not a poet and know nothing of writing it…I just know what I like!  I learned more about poetry from the Forward written by Dr. Michael R. Collings, than I ever knew.  It’s pretty impressive!  Don’t skip it!

If you have a love for the great outdoors, the Cowboy Way of life, love for your kids or your mother, the West, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, mountain views, the desert…you will love this book!  JP does, of course, poke a little fun occasionally, because that’s the way he is, but everything he writes is certainly from the heart!  He puts you in the stories he tells.  And the poems just flow!  There are also wonderful photos, sketches and paintings to accompany the poems.

If you like poetry you need to add this book to your library!  Today!  You can do that by sending an email to AZHorseWriter@aol.com.  Or you can find more information about J.P. Gorham by logging on to https://www.facebook.com/jp.gorham.98?fref=ts.  You’ll be glad you did!

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