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Eli Barsi Portrait of a Cowgirl

Eli Barsi, Canadian Western Music singer and songwriter,  recently released “Portrait of a Cowgirl” and it’s a wonderful CD!  The title song paints a perfect portrait of a cowgirl, inspired by her mom’s life!  Eli wrote or co-wrote every song on the album and they all have a wonderful message.  From “Farm Girl” to “Window of the West” you will be entertained and inspired!  Eli is joined by Brett Kissel on “A Real Partner” about the birth of the Calgary Stampede and it was a “team up” with Doris Daley, as was “God Only Know.”  “Big Hat No Cattle” was co-written with Juni Fisher and “Farm Girl” was co-written with Anthony Kelly.

Eli was join by talented musicians: Craig Young (electric  acoustic guitar, mandolin, dobro); Wendell Ferguson (electric guitar); John Cunningham (electric & acoustic bass); Bruce Hoffman (fiddle, dobro, steel guitar, mandolin); Chad Melchert (drums); David Bird (banjo); Lizzy Hoyt (fiddle) and Bart McKay (piano, B3, accordion).

To find out more about Eli Barsi and stories behind the songs or to buy your own copy of “Portrait of a Cowgirl” long onto http://elibarsi.com.  You’re be glad you did!!!

Comments on: "Eli Barsi – Portrait of a Cowgirl" (2)

  1. Good luck to Canada’s Eli~ i’m gonna hafta catch a listen to this one…heard lotsa good stuff. And, she picked out some top notch pickers for the studio work…Bruce Hoffman has a great ear for makin’ the singer sound even better!!

  2. I Promote Country and Western Music,you won’t get a better voice or Pickers than Eli.
    I hope to have her albums over the Pond by next week,we’ve been in touch with her,
    This lady should be Inducted in Canada’s Hall of Fame,
    This is what I was brought up with in,1949. Eli like many,many more are bringing western back,but we need the Fans to buy more Western swing,poetry into there music.
    Fans love Bob Wills,Bob is up there,Eli and her Pickers are down hear in the flesh .
    So you big so call fans vote for Eli and her fantastic Pickers,
    David Markham ,CMPromoter ,Liverpool.England

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