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Hot Texas Swing BandI’m not going to tell you about the last conversation I had with Alex Dormont…I ended up with egg on my face…but I’m sure glad we had it. LOL! I’ll eat crow any day to have a conversation with one of the artists I play on the radio.

Recently Alex Dormont and the Hot Texas Swing Band released “‘Bout Time!” And I’m sure glad they did! And that they sent one to me! What a CD!
Several of the songs were written by Dormont…and the rest of the song writers had names like Tyson, Nelson, Russell, Ellington, Gimble, Allen
So…they’re all great Western Swing Songs! From “I Forgot To Remember” to “Nightlife” you will be entertained! When you combine the great songs with the voices of Alex Dormont and Selena Rosanbalm and the instrumental talent of Jon Kemppainen (fiddle, vocals), Rick McRea (guitar), Karen Biller (drums), Scott Benner (tenor sax) Eric Johnson (trumpet), Danny Levin (piano), Erik Hokkanen (fiddle), Danny Mathis (steel guitar), Dave Biller (pedal steel guitar) and Paul Glasse (electric mandolin)…you get great music!!

Find out how to buy the CD for your musical library at http://HotTexasSwingBand.com. You will be so glad you did!!!

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