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ListenAs one would expect from Juni Fisher…this is an incredible CD! LISTEN is produced by Dave Martin and Juni Fisher so we know it’s going to be a class act. From “Listen” to “Ride with Your Heart Open” you will be thoroughly entertained…either laughing or crying…sometimes at the same time. Juni has a way of singing from the heart as only Juni Fisher can. Three of the songs were co-written with well known Cowboy Poets…”Still There” and “Who They Are” with Waddie Mitchell and “Song of the Nighthawk” with Diane Tribitt. I never play a song on the radio that is 7 minutes long…but I will certainly play “Song of the Nighthawk!” “Patrick” was written by Mick Beck and “Stewball” is traditional…all the rest are Juni Fisher originals…and they are all great!

The musicians are excellent: Dave Martin on the upright bass; Rory Hoffman on guitar, mandolin and recorder; Tom Britt on guitar; harmonies on “Listen” by Carolyn Martin (Juni Fisher and Carolyn Martin together…you can’t get better than that!) And the album cover was designed by the talented Jeri Dobrowski! What else could you ask for??? And you don’t have to ask for it…you just have to buy it! You can do that by logging onto http://junifisher.com. There is even a special going on now…you can buy 3 CDs for $40! What a deal! Do it now so you can start listening to great Juni Fisher music!!!

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