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Ann J MortonAnn J. Morton has been singing for years, but I just found her! Actually she found me! Thanks to the help of mutual friend, Joe Baker. I popped the CD in the player Friday…and then just sat down and listened! The voice is great, the songs are all good, the musicians are tops! What else do you need in a CD??? Nothing!

From “Black and Blue Heart” to “Onions & Love Affairs” you will be truly entertained with all 14 cuts! From her own songs, “No Stings Attached,” “Poor Wilted Rose” and “Onions & Love Affairs” to the classic “Blueberry Hill” and a lot of other songs…you will love it!

Ann is joined on the CD by musicians Phil Baugh, Pete Wade, Chip Young, Dave Kirby, Larry Morton, Harold Bradley, Weldon Myrick, Curly Chalker, Chuck Sanders, Henry Strzelecki, Pig Robbins, John Propst, Walt Cunningham, Buddy Spicher, Johnny Gimble, Tommy Williams, Margie Cates, Marcie Cates, Hayward Bishop, Terry Waddell, Ken Deifik, Ray Carroll, Rex Peer, Morman Ray and Josh Graves. And she’s joined on vocals by Leah Jane Berinati, Jannie Fricke, Tom Brannon, Larry Keith, Yvonne Hodges, Jackie France and Serilyn Hoffman Kramer.

You can order your CD by logging onto http://prairiedustrecords.com/prairie%20dust/Ann%20J%20Morton%20artist.htm

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