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Leon Rausch called me and wanted me to give you all this information about what happened while he was in Ruidoso for the big Cowboy Symposium last week. He told me he started feeling really sick Tuesday.  He said he couldn’t breathe, so they took him to emergency. They gave him an exam and put tubes in him, it was very serious. Then the doctors found a hemorrhage in his esophagus and further they determined he had pneumonia.  His condiition was so critical that his team of doctors decided he needed to be air lifted to Albuquerque for more specialized care.  He was placed in a helicopter and flown to ABQ Presbyterian Hospital.  He was placed in Intensive Care.  Leon said he was unconscious, he didn’t remember anything after being admitted into the hospital in Ruidoso.  When he came to in ABQ, Vonda told him about the flight and where he was. Lynn Carter Morgan and Vonda drove the Rausch car up to ABQ, Lynn’s husband packed up all the stuff from Leon’s hotel room, and drove to ABQ and brought Lynn back. Rausch’s son flew into ABQ and drove his folks and their suitcases back to Ft. Worth.  They got home Saturday afternoon.

Leon is resting comfortably at home now, keeping Vonda on her toes no doubt…she’s used to it!  Thank you God for putting our Leon in the hands of skilled and capable doctors and medical staff.  Leon is going to be OK.  He sounded strong and clear on the phone.  He kept saying over and over how it broke his heart that he had to miss the show in Ruidoso.  He said he looks forward to that all year long and he is so sad to have missed it.

We’ll have him on stage singing for us before long and I know we are all looking forward to that.  Send your cheery cards to Leon at 2820 Shasta Trail, Ft Worth TX. 76133-4318.

If you were there you knew The Cowboy Symposium might have been the best one ever.  How can you out-do the Big Texas Three and their bands, all on stage all at once!!  Billy Mata, Jake Hooker, Jody Nix.  The Gatlin Brothers headlined Friday night and that’s more talent than should be allowed on one stage!  Saturday night Asleep at the Wheel headlined the show and, well, blew the roof off, what was left of it after all the other great talent!

Leon and Vonda send their love.

Barbara Martin

Western Swing Monthly

Comments on: "Leon Rausch update thanks to Rhonda Criag and Barbara Martin" (1)

  1. Ray Benson announced during the show in Ruidoso that Leon Rausch was not there because of medical problems but I had no idea it was this bad. God Bless, Leon. Behave, do what the doctors tell you and get well!

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