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If you are a Carolyn Martin fan you need to get online right now and order “Tennessee Local!” If you aren’t a fan yet…order the CD…then you’ll be one!

From the first song, “Swing On” by Carolyn Martin to the number 14 song, a Cindy Walker/Eddie Arnold song, “You Don’t Know Me” you’ll never quit listening and loving it. The title song “Tennessee Local” is a great song about a train! You’ll also hear “Change Your Made Up Mind,” “Fascinatin’ Rhythm,” “Texas Bluebonnets” and nine more great songs!
Carolyn is backed up by musicians Jerry Krahn, Johnny Cox, Billy Contreras, Rory Hoffman, Dave Martin, Tommy Wells, Charles Scruggs, Paul Cramer, Hoot Hester, John England, Doug Jernigan, and Aaron Ti ll. And by vocalists Marcia Ramirez, Kot Bowser, Ray Barnette and Nora Jane Struthers.
Between the wonderful selection of songs, Carolyn Martin’s beautiful, strong, clear voice and all the talented musicians…IT’S A GREAT CD!
To order your very own copy today log onto http://www.carolynmartinmusic.com. You’ll be glad you did!

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