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The first Western Swing function I attended was the Cowtown Society of Western Music in May 2009 and among others in attendance were Country Night Live!  I had already met Chuck Cusimano prior to this but that day I met Buddie Hrabal and Billy Martin and had the good fortune to listen to them perform.  I was hooked on Western Swing and Traditional Country Music by the time I left there.  Chuck Cusimano just sent me a copy of Country Night Live’s new CD “WORDS YOU CAN UNDERSTAND.”  It’s a wonderful selection of the kind of music you fell in love with as a kid.  Many of the songs were written by Chuck Cusimano and Buddie Hrabal and they are sung by Chuck Cusimano, Buddie Hrabal and Billy Martin and they are indeed “Words You Can Understand!”  In addition to the three singers and musicians are Danny Adams, Reggie Reuffer and Chip Bricker. Talented guys!

You can just listen or maybe dance to: “Eleven Eighteen Nadine Lane,” “Shuffle Back To Me,” “Amazing Love,” “Beginning Of The End,” “There Can’t Be An Us Without You,”  “Too Much Candy For A Dime,” “Houston’s Just Another Name For Blue,” “The More It Burns,” “Snap Your Fingers,” “Been A Long Time Coming,” “You Can Always Bring Her Back To Me” and “My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You” and you will enjoy every song!  Order yours today by logging onto http://countrynightlive.com.

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