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Brenda Libby’s CHILLED

Know you’ve heard this before but…I love receiving new CDs!  And the anticipation for CHILLED was justified!  Brenda Libby at her best, singing 12 of her original songs, backed up by excellent musicians and with her wonderful voice on the vocals.  Great CD!!!

From “If Love Don’t Find Me” to “Ol’ Crankypants” you’ll be thoroughly entertained!  I still haven’t decided if my favorite is “One Man Rodeo” or “Better Cowgirl Up” but they are both super songs.  And knowing me, tomorrow it will be another one.  Maybe…depending on the mood I’m in when listening??? I just know that there are a dozen songs on this CD and my bet is that you’ll like every one of them!

Order yours today by logging onto http://brendalibbymusic.com or email Brenda at brendalibby@earthlink.net.  She will be happy to get a copy of “CHILLED” in the mail to you!  Tell her I sent you!

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