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As those of you who know me, know that I love Jim Jones’ music and I’m proud to call him a friend!  Jim really outdid himself with Borrowed Time!  It’s a great CD! From the upbeat “Train To Chama” to “Borrowed Time” you’ll be totally entertained.  He wrote or co-wrote 9 of the songs: “Train To Chama” (with G. Corbin), “Lost Canyons In His Mind” (with B. Huntington), “Cowboy Coffee” (with D. Blanz), “Rustler’s Moon,” “Colorado Moon,” “Old Clay Allison,” “Texas Is Burnin’,” “Easy Side Up” (with R. Huston), and “Borrowed Time.”  Then there is “Men In Blue” and “Cattle Rest Easy” by R. Huston and traditional song “Shenandoah.”

There are upbeat songs, pensive songs, fun songs…all GOOD! You need to add this CD to your library!  You can do that by logging onto http://jimjonesmusic.com.  Do it today…you won’t be disappointed!  While you’re on the website check out his other CDs and “Rustler’s Moon” and “Colorado Moon”…his Western Novels…they are great as well!

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