A blog about Cowboy Music, Western Swing and Cowboy Poetry. 2014 WMA Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year

Thank you one and all!

I have mentioned many times that my two hour show on AM 1230 KOTS in Deming, NM is my “weekly therapy session.”  But it is so true!  I close the sound room door and there is nothing there but the wonderful music and poetry and me!  Well, there are the buttons I have to push right and hopefully a large radio audiance, but you get the picture.  You artists have sent me such wonderful material that it’s impossible to play everything I want but I’m going to try.

Recently though it has become more apparant to me that the really special part of all of this is meeting and getting to know the wonderful people involved in this business. Originally of course it was Joe Baker, Margo Metegrano, Jim Jones, Smoke Wade, Susan Parker, Yvonne Hollenbeck, Linda Kirkpatrick, Nevada Slim and Cimarron Sue, Sam DeLeeuw, Jean Prescott, Doris Daley, Jim Wilson, RJ Vandygriff, Carolyn and Dave Martin, Dave Stamey, Belinda Gail, Stephanie Davis, Kip Calahan, Eddy Harrison, Fred Hargrove, Devon Dawson and I’m sure many more who I met the first year I was going to events with Howard. Then…Rick and Linda with Open Range, Jeanne and Jerome with Call of the West, Diane Tribitt, Paul Harris, Randy Huston, Donnie Blanz, Jon Messanger, Bud Strom, Mike Moutoux, Juni Fisher, RW Hampton, Barbara Nelson, Chuck Cusimano, Billy Mata, Bobby Flores, Floyd Domino, Brady Bowen, Ken Cook, J Parson, Chuck Woller, The Tumbling Tumbleweeds, Sundown Pete, James Michael, Bill Barwick, Rich O’Brien,… And more recently Brenda Libby, Evelyn Roper, Mary Kaye, Brian Arnold, Tom Poley with Way Out West, John Bergstrom, Kristyn Harris, Peggy Malone,  Susie Knight, Nancy Ruybal, Terry Brown, LK Potts, Graham Lees, GT Hurley, Jarle Kvale, LeeLee Robert…and I know there are so many more!

Many of you I have met personally and visited with at length, some communicated with on the phone or via email, some have been to house concerts, some stayed in my home, some I’ve had a meal with, some a glass of wine…but you have all had an impact on my life in a positive way! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I look forward to spending many more years getting to know you all better and meeting new folk!  Keep those CDs comin’ in!  LOL!  I love this job!

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