A blog about Cowboy Music, Western Swing and Cowboy Poetry. 2014 WMA Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year

The Real West from the Old West – AM 1230 KOTS


The Real West – Rod Taylor

Can’t Quit Ridin’ – Linda Lee Filener – Can’t Quit Ridin’

Put Yourself In My Blues – Carolyn Martin – Swing

Jared Rogerson – Bad Hay – Bad Hay

Across The Alley From The Alamo – Billy Cate – Songs Of San Antone

Grow Up To Be Cowboys – Mary Kaye – No Wilder Place

Back To My Boots and Saddles – Barbara Nelson – Back To My Boots And Saddles

Rusty Spurs – Francine Roark Robison – Prairie Tales From The Heart

Rodeo Wind – Dan Roberts – Beyond The Brand

Southern Hospitality – Cornell Hurd Band – Songs Of Moon Mullican

Cowboy’s Prayer – RW Hampton – Austin To Boston

Hubbin’ It – Stephanie Davis – Western Bling

The Old Cocinero – Kerry Grombacher – Riding For The Brand

Keepin’ Your Head Above The Water – Devon Dawson – Keepin’ You Head Above The Water

Old Cowboy Kind – Aspen Black – Horsegirl Poet

Harmonicowboy – Gary Allegretto – Harmoniccowboy

Roll On Texas Moon – Kristyn Harris – My Mustang, My Martin And Me

Born To Be A Cowboy – Brian Arnold – Cow Man

Two Steppin’ – Chuck Cusimano – I Wrote This

Only In His Mind – Bill Barwick – Sampler

Texas Moon – Billy Mata – This Is Tommy Duncan Vol. 2

McCorkle and the Wire – Red Steagall – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 6

Taking Pictures With My Heart – Kip Calahan – Dust Devil Angel

I’ll Have Somebody Else – Bobby Flores – Festival Favorites

Thank The Cowboy For The Ride – Naomi Bristow – Ridin’ High

The Wind – TJ Casey – RNDNMUP

Soft Rain – The Desperados – Lucky Seven

The Old Waxed Jacket – Belinda Gail & Curly Musgrave – Forever West

This Old Post – DW Groethe – Bar-D Roundup Vol. 6

Kawliga – Les Gilliam – Hank Did It This Way

Smoke Of The Brandin’ Fire – Jim Jones – Feels Like Home To Me

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