A blog about Cowboy Music, Western Swing and Cowboy Poetry. 2014 WMA Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year

16th Annual Awards Show Winners

Western Music Male: Syd Masters

Western Music Female: Mary Kay

Western Music Duo or Group: Old West Trio

Western Music Song: Tom Hiatt “Bronc to Breakfast”

Western Swing Male: Jimmy Burson

Western Swing Female: Joni Harms

Western Swing Duo or Group: Tony Harrison  Hot Texas – “Swinging Big”

Western Swing Song: Asleep at the Wheel/Leon Rausch – “It’s A Good Day”

Pure Country Male: Landon Dodd

Pure Country Female: Jade Jack

Pure Country Duo or Group: The Survivors

Pure Country Album: Curtis Potter – “The Potter’s Touch”

Pure Country Song: Amber Digby – “Sing a Sad Song”

Instrumentalist: Jody Nix

Young Artist: The Nugents

Will Rogers Special Event: “A Ride With Bob”

Cowboy Poet: Henry Real Bird

Cowgirl Poet: Bette Wolf Duncan

Cowboy Poetry Album/CD: Paul Kern – “Rimrick, Where Memories Rhyme”

Garnet Brooks Chuckwagon: B. K. Nuzum

Disc Jockey: Bruce Pollock, Range Radio

Radio Station: LKCM Radio Group, Ft. Worth, TX

Buck Ramsey Book Award: Francine Roark Robison – “The Quilt and Other Pieces”

Artist: Mikel Donahue

Engraver: Dave Alderson

Spurmaker: Larry Fuegen

Bootmaker: Carl Chappell

Dog King Memorial Saddlemaker: Bill Gardner


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