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Gary S Pratt – LOMAX

You never know where a new CD is going to take you! I received LOMAX and THE OTHER SIDE from Gary S Pratt a couple of days ago. I knew instantly that I liked the music and the voice but found out later how much I would learn about the history of western music…and Deming, NM. Amazing! The liner notes on LOMAX contain a except from A Collector’s Note from John A. Lomax, written during his stay at Roy Bedichek’s Ranch, Deming, NM.
I found a blog article at http://hollisterhovey.blogspot.com/2009/08/writin-about-cowboy-songs-roosevelt-to.html that has wonderful information about John A. Lomax and his search for cowoby music in the early 1900s. The blog also has a copy of a letter to Lomax from President Theodore Roosevelt. Interesting! Lomax was staying at Roy Bedichek’s ranch while Bedichek was working as Secretary of the Deming Chamber of Commerce and Editor of the Deming Headlight…in 1910! I am always amazed at the interesting history we have in this little town! I need to do more reading!
But, I digress…back to Gary S Pratt and his wonderful CDs! LOMAX, released just a few weeks ago has 11 songs all taken from Lomax, 1911 & 1938 Cowboy Songs and 1919 Sons of the Cattle Trail & Cow Camp. It’s amazing to listen to these songs and realize how little a cowboy’s life has changed. I know they have computers and cell phones now and pickups to haul the feed but the cows and horses and stories are still the same! And what a great voice from Gary Pratt!
 THE OTHER SIDE has 9 songs written by Gary S Pratt and LISTEN TO YOUR SMILE was co-written with Kenny Phipps. They are all wonderful stories and you will enjoy each and every one of them. You may already have these CDs but if you do not, go to http://thefamilyranch.com and order them today! You will want these in your library and I’m looking forward to playing both of them on The Real West from the Old West!

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