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Judy Coder – Songcatcher

Judy Coder has a new CD out…Songcatcher!  It’s classic Judy Coder with her strong, clear voice and that incredible range and 16 tracts!  She starts with a light hearted “Wringle Wrangle” (Stan Jones) and through all the rest to “Silver Spurs” (Diane Gillenwater & Cally Krallman) you will be thoroughly entertained.  I really like Judy’s “Butterscotch Moon”; “Cottonwood Waltz” (Ron Meier); “Red Buffalo” (Patty Clayton); “When It Rains” (R.W. Hampton); “She’s In Love With Her Horse” (Joyce Woodson); “Everything That Glitters” (Dan Seals); “I Didn’t Know The Gun Was Loaded” (Hank Fort and Hebert Leventhal); “He’d Be Home By Now” (Juni Fisher) “Thunderheads” (Robin Macy and Lisa Brandenburn)…ah, they’re all good!

To buy this CD for your library go to http://cdbaby.com/all/judyco.  For additional information go to http://judycoder.com.

Thank you Judy for sharing your talent!

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