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What a way to relax on a Friday night after a long work week!  Put on something comfortable…like “Comfortable Shoes!”  Pour a nice glass of wine, turn on the CD player with Dave’s Stamey’s “Twelve Mile Road” and just kick back and listen!!!  What a treat!  All 12 tracts are Dave’s originals and start with a beautiful song dedicated to his father, the title song, “Twelve Mile Road.”  Along with those you will hear: “Blackjack Was a Mule,” “Buckskin Horse,” “All I Need Is You,” “Song for Jake,” “If I Had Money,” “Never Gonna Rain,” ” Sage In Her Hair,” “Bubba and the Goat,” ” Wild Sierra” and “Sweet Grass County Line.”

Dave’s great musicians are: Dorian Michael on lead acoustic guitar, Ken Hustad on bass, Bill Severance on percussion and Annie Lydon doing harmony vocals.  What else is there to say except that it is pure Dave Stamey style!  You’ll love it.  To get your copy go to www.davestamey.com.  Check out the rest of the site while you’re there, it’s loaded with information!  Great job Dave!

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