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What a treat it was when the mail man brought Chuck Cusimano’s brand new CD,  “I Wrote This!”  You can dance an hour away…waltzes, two-steps…whatever you want.  It’s there! And Chuck wrote all of the songs except for “Man In The Moon” which he co-wrote with Les Buffham.  Some of the songs are slow and even meloncholy, some are pure love songs and some are fast paced and happy!  You will be entertained from “Man In The Moon” to “San Antonio Blues.”  In between those songs you will hear: That’s All, Time Off For Bad Behavior, All The Love In San Antone, Damned Demons, Gonna Go Davnin’ Tonight, San Antonio Waltz, Honey Money, I Wrote This, Two Steppin’ and Gone For Good.  There are even a couple of Christmas songs; “Won’t Be Christmas” and “Ten Dollar Toy.”

Chuck, playing guitar, is joined on the CD by Junior Knight on Steel Guitar; Jess Meador on Fiddle;  Mark Abbott on Bass; Dixie Hankins on Drums and Eddie Morgan on Piano. Along with Chuck on vocals are by Dixie Hankins, Joetta Morgan and Donny Barrow.  This is a quality CD…great songs, great singer and great music.

I love playing Chuck Cusimano’s music on The Real West from The Old West!  Thanks for sharing your talent, Chuck!

You can reserve you own copy by logging onto Cusimusico.com or email chuck@chuckcusimano.com.

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