A blog about Cowboy Music, Western Swing and Cowboy Poetry. 2014 WMA Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year

Soul searching…

This has been a soul searching weekend for me. Listenting to the news about “Irene” just made me start thinking about “stuff.”  I lived in Virginia a couple of times many years ago and in the Tide Water area…where Irene was not kind. Also, a couple of weeks ago I lost a really good friend very suddenly.  Makes you start thinking about what is really important and what is not. In my thoughts it’s pretty simple…live life the way you think it should be lived.  Be kind to those around you. Spend time with those who make you happy and allow you (or incite you) to have a positive attitude. Be honest. Help folks when you can…but don’t drive yourself crazy if there is nothing you can do. Treat folks around you with respect and demand the same from them. Work hard and try to make a difference. Have fun in life!

What does that have to do with Western Music and Cowboy Poetry???  That’s what this blog is supposed to be about. Well, I’ll tell ya.  When I first got into to this DJ thing I decided I wanted to do a show with variety.  I love Cowboy Music and Western Swing!  And it’s all western…so it fits well together.  Then I got wrapped around what it really is…Cowboy Music, Western Swing, Cowboy Swing, Swing, Traditional Country, Honky Tonk, Western Folk…and the list goes on.  I came to a wonderful conclusion…I don’t care!  If I like the music and it fits somewhere within the Western genre, I’m gonna play it!  And it all goes well with Cowboy Poetry!  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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