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Tony Smith – It’s A Swing Thing

You meet people different ways…and they’re all good!  I met Brenda Libby on Facebook.  Brenda Libby told me about Tony Smith and his CD and gave me contact information.  I met Tony Smith on the phone.  We had a nice conversation on the phone and he sent me a copy of “It’s A Swing Thing.”  It’s a wonderful CD!

Tony Smith has a strong, smoothe, clear voice that you can listen to all day! The musicians on the CD are great as well. Joining Tony Smith on the fiddle are: Bobby Regot on drums, Sonny Clark on keyboard, Scotty Henderson on pedal steel guitar, John Farrell on bass and Dino Strunk on lead guitar.  He is joined in vocals by Luann Turner and Linda Watson.

“Route 66” is my favorite…probably because of the New Mexico connection… and I love “Don’t Get Around Much Any More” “You Win Again,” “You Don’t Know Me” and “Somewhere Out In Texas!”  You will also totally enjoy “Takin’ On The Blues,” “Cab Driver,” “Up A Lazy River,” “I’ve Carried This Torch,” “Lady Be Good,” “Little Old Wine Drinker Me,” “Secret Love” and “It’s My Lazy Day.”  (I kept moving songs from the “I love” area to the “you will enjoy” area and realized they are all GREAT!)  This is a CD you need to add to your collection.  You can purchase it directly from Tony Smith at 831 Spencer Creek Rd, Camdenton, MO 65020. The cost is $12. which includes shipping.  You’ll be glad you did!

Soul searching…

This has been a soul searching weekend for me. Listenting to the news about “Irene” just made me start thinking about “stuff.”  I lived in Virginia a couple of times many years ago and in the Tide Water area…where Irene was not kind. Also, a couple of weeks ago I lost a really good friend very suddenly.  Makes you start thinking about what is really important and what is not. In my thoughts it’s pretty simple…live life the way you think it should be lived.  Be kind to those around you. Spend time with those who make you happy and allow you (or incite you) to have a positive attitude. Be honest. Help folks when you can…but don’t drive yourself crazy if there is nothing you can do. Treat folks around you with respect and demand the same from them. Work hard and try to make a difference. Have fun in life!

What does that have to do with Western Music and Cowboy Poetry???  That’s what this blog is supposed to be about. Well, I’ll tell ya.  When I first got into to this DJ thing I decided I wanted to do a show with variety.  I love Cowboy Music and Western Swing!  And it’s all western…so it fits well together.  Then I got wrapped around what it really is…Cowboy Music, Western Swing, Cowboy Swing, Swing, Traditional Country, Honky Tonk, Western Folk…and the list goes on.  I came to a wonderful conclusion…I don’t care!  If I like the music and it fits somewhere within the Western genre, I’m gonna play it!  And it all goes well with Cowboy Poetry!  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The 8-10-11 Real West from the Old West show is now posted

I love this time of year!  The WMA nominations have been announced and I have a few weeks to play award winning music and poetry on the show!  Of course I always do…but I play what I think is outstanding!  Now I know that others do as well.  Thanks to all you singers, songwriters and poets for giving me such good material!  My biggest problem is that I run out of time!  So much good material…so little time!

Truly an honor

It is truly an honor to be nominated by the Western Music Association as Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year for “The Real West from the Old West” on AM 1230 KOTS.  Thank you so much!  And to hear it first from my friend Diane Tribitt made it even more fun!  I love this job!  LOL!!

Award nominations from the Western Music Assn.

2011 Award Nominations…..

All WMA Members in good standing were sent ballots on August 10. Contact Marsha Short if you did not receive a ballot. Final ballots must be postmarked by September 15, 2011.

Most performers have websites linked to the WMA website under the “Performers” tab.


o American – Don Edwards

o Austin to Boston – R. W. Hampton

o The Cowboy Ain’t Dead Yet, Vol. III – R. J. Vandygriff

o Cowboy Country – Robert Wagoner

o Equine – Brenn Hill

o Eyes of a Cowboy – J Parson

o Let ‘er Go, Let ‘er Buck, Let ‘er Fly – Juni Fisher

o Morning Coffee – Richard Martin

o On the Outskirts of Crazy, More or Less – Brenda Libby

o West of the 98th Meridian – Allan Chapman

o Windmill in the Sunset – Earl Gleason


o 3 Trails West – 3 Trails West

o Blaze Across the West – The Tumbling Tumbleweeds

o Free Rangin’ – Prickly Pair & The Cactus Chorale

o My Horse Knows the Way Home – Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band

o RNDNMUP – T. J. Casey & Jim Reader

o Western Tales – Trails & Rails


o Cookin’ With Carolyn – Carolyn Martin

o It’s a Good Day – Asleep at the Wheel

o Texas to a “T” – The Ball Family

o What Makes Bob Holler – Hot Club of Cowtown


o The Bar D Roundup Volume Six – cowboypoetry.com

o Symposium 2011 – Cowboy Poets of Utah

o Women of the West – Sam DeLeeuw


o Charles Goodnight’s Grave – Written by Ian Tyson

o Code of the West – Written by Fred Hargrove

o The Eyes of a Cowboy – Written by J Parson

o He Wore a Blue Bandana – Written by J Parson

o Riding Along the Cimarron – Written by Barry Ward

o Smoke of the Brandin’ Fire – Written by Allan Chapman & Jim Jones

o Waitin’ for Spring – Written by Gary McMahan

o Where the Wind Blows a Different Song – Written by Nancy Ruybal

o Yakima – Written by Juni Fisher


o Tom Boyer (The Red Hot Rhythm Rustlers)

o Jeanne Cahill (Call of the West)

o Jerome Campbell (Call of the West)

o Gary Cook (Bar D Wranglers)

o Ray Doyle (Wylie & The Wild West)

o “Uncle Bob” Goldstein (Syd Masters & The Swing Riders)

o Gary LeMaster (Sons of the Pioneers)

o Joey Miskulin (Riders In The Sky)

o Johnny Neill

o Rich O’Brien

o Ric Steinke (Open Range)


o Bill Barwick

o Don Edwards

o R. W. Hampton

o Dave Stamey

o R. J. Vandygriff

o Barry Ward


o Eli Barsi

o Judy Coder

o Devon Dawson

o Juni Fisher

o Belinda Gail

o Mary Kaye Knaphus

o Liz Masterson

o Joyce Woodson


o Clark Crouch

o Waddie Mitchell

o Andy Nelson

o Red Steagall


o Doris Daley

o Sam DeLeeuw

o Yvonne Hollenbeck

o Diane Tribitt


o Juni Fisher

o R. W. Hampton

o Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band

o Riders In The Sky

o Sons of the Pioneers

o Sons of the San Joaquin

o Sourdough Slim

o Dave Stamey

o The Tumbling Tumbleweeds


o Allan Chapman

o Juni Fisher

o Jack Hannah

o Bruce Huntington

o Barry Ward

o Joyce Woodson


o 3 Trails West

o Naomi Bristow

o Kristyn Harris

o Vince & Mindi


o Nancy Pitchford, Bobbi Jean Bell & Mike Dowler–Around the Barn–KHTS, Santa Clarita, CA

o Al Krtil – Early Morning Trails

o Andy & Jim Nelson – Clear Out West

o Ranger Doug & Side Meat – Sirius XM Classic Cowboy Corral

o Barbara Richhart – Cowtrails – KSJD, Mancos, CO

o O.J. Sikes – Western Music Time

o Totsie Slover – The Real West From the Old West, KOTS, Deming, NM

o Tommy Tucker – KRLC, Lewiston, ID


o Colorado Moon – Jim Jones

o A Cowgirl Never Forgets – Dawn Nelson

o Harkin’ Home – Clark Crouch

o West Word Ho – Doris Daley


o R. W. Hampton

o Vaughn Monroe


To Be Announced During the WMA Awards Show


To Be Announced During the WMA Awards Show


To Be Announced During the WMA Awards Show


To Be Announced During the WMA Awards Show




Terry Brown

Winner of “Song of the Year” (2000) for “Silver Spur” from the Academy of Western Music, Terry Brown has toured for over 20 years and performed with Chris LeDoux, Aaron Tippin, Toby Keith and Brooks and Dunn as well as other major stars.  He was also nominated for “Album of the Year,” “Male Vocalist of the Year” and “Rising Star” by the Academy of Western Artisits (2000).

Terry is know as “The Louis L’Amour of the Cowboy Singers.”  Hearing one of Terry’s western songs is like reading a good western novel, only it doesn’t take as long.  Having performed his music at hundreds of rodeos and venues around the country, Terry knows a little something about the cowboy spirit and has a deep respect for our western roots.

With a catalogue of over 1200 songs and over 70 songs recorded by other acts, Terry’s songs have appeared on millions of records worldwide.  Terry has the kind of voice that is perfectly suited for the storyteller role.  Its depth and emotional quality make you believe the stories he sings and makes you want to hear them again and again.

There have been many artisits who have helped preserve our western heritage but few can paint a more beautiful or realistic picture of the cowboy and the west than Terry Brown.

Terry recently re-released his “A Cowboy…Born A Hundred Years Too Late” CD and was kind enough to send it to me.  As well as the title song you can also hear “Ode To The Cowboy, ” “Silver Spur,” “The Drover,” “Run With The Devil,” “Land Of The Gun,” “Rockin’ Chair Cowboy,” “Ain’t This Fun,” (cowritten with Mark Lister) “The Ride Of My Life” (co-written with L. David Lewis and Kim Williams)and “Nobody Wants To Be A Cowboy Anymore.”  All songs either written or cowritten by Terry Brown.

What a wonderful CD!  The songs tell great stories and Terry does a super job with each and every one! You can download songs or contact Terry at www.terrybrownmusic.com.  You do have to have Adobe Flash Player to access the site, but you can download it for free.  His new video “Rockin’ Chair Cowboy” is available on the website as well.  You will enjoy it!

Jody Nix – Twin Fiddles Turn Me On

Jody Nix is a name familiar to Western Swing lovers all over and he plays regularly in Ruidoso, NM so many around my area know him.  If you like Jody Nix’s music and you don’t have a copy of “Twin Fiddles Turn Me On,” you’re missing the boat!  The title song is probably my favorite on the CD but there are also a couple of Mary Robbins songs, “Ever Since My Baby Went Away” and “Pretty Words.”  Also on the CD you will find: “It’s The Cheatin’ She Loves,” “She’s Killin’ Me.” “Angel Judy,” “Let’s Get It Over And Done With,” “I Just Can’t Take It Anymore,” “She Went A Little Bit Farther,” “She Won’t Let Me Forget Her,” “One More Rose” and “The Day You Left Me.” Jody Nix is joined on fiddle by Robert Weeks who also plays the mandolin, Dixie Hankins on drums, Junior Knight on steel, acoustic and lead guitar, Brandy Weeks on bass and Tim “Professor” Alexander on piano.

It’s a great CD!  It has it all…great songs, great musicians and Jody Nix’ great voice.  You’ll love it.  You can purchase this CD at www.hillsiderecords.net/store for $14.99 +$3.00 shipping and handeling. It will be money well spent!

The days of Kool-Aid summers by Julie Carter

The Days of Kool-Aid summers
Cowgirl Sass & Savvy by Julie Carter
It was about now, in the middle of a long hot summer, that I would start to miss school. Not school for the education, but school for the friends and the activities.
Rural living for us as kids was defined by isolation at the ranch in the southern Colorado Mountains.
No one “went to town” once school was out in May, except maybe Mom who made her once a month trek to the grocery store. Our return to civilization didn’t happen until after Labor Day when the school bell rang once again.
The decade of the ’60s took me from 8 to 18 and was jammed with life lessons and foundational principles. All the things I had but didn’t know were important would not become apparent to me until I was old enough to mourn their loss, value their existence, and understand the lessons that came with them.
It was before we knew sugar wasn’t good for us and Kool-Aid was our year-round beverage of choice either in the liquid form or frozen into popsicles in the summer. The alternative was the gallons of fresh raw milk that completely filled the top shelf of our refrigerator.
Summer days ran together in an endless manner that changed only in the way I changed. As a pre-teen, I began each day with figuring out what to do to keep me busy so the chore list from my mom wasn’t increased. Saying “I’m bored” was a sure way to win half a day of weeding the gigantic garden, cleaning stalls or some like sentence.
Hay meadows and a nearby cold, mountain creek provided an enchanted play world for all of us — three brothers, two summer resident kids and the occasional visiting cousin or two.
When I reached the age that I knew boys didn’t really have cooties and that being a teenager made everyone else so very hard to communicate with, I was still in isolation.
I found solace in spending the days wandering the hills on my horse, talking to my faithful Australian-shepherd sidekick and daydreaming of a more romantic world that had no real definition. I spent hours reading books and writing long letters, both of which took me to an outside world I didn’t really know.
I’d only heard about the “hippies” and all that went with what most people recall of that decade. Vietnam was on the news and a world away. A stamp was five cents and so was a Hershey bar. I am vague on where I was when the Beatles hit the scene, but I remember where I was when JFK was shot.
Civilization in the form of the nearest town of a few hundred people offered lessons in what it was to be draggin’ main and the finer details of a Chinese Fire Drill. An icy Coca-Cola and a basket of French fries in town was the height of delight.
Duck tail haircuts, beehive hair, hip-hugger pants and mini-skirts were about as “with it” as any of us at school got. Go-go boots and shoulder-length hair with that perfect flip made you “cool.” The way-out kids wore Nero-collared shirts and sported peace sign necklaces.
“Gunsmoke and Rawhide”, (yes, in black and white) were favorites but we didn’t get that channel and had to settle for “Wagon Train” and “Bonanza” on the one we did receive. “Big Valley” made its debut mid-decade, as did “Days of our Lives”, back when a half-hour sufficed for soap opera drama.
There isn’t a ’60s memory that doesn’t include late night radio from Oklahoma City. KOMA brought the latest and greatest in the world of Rock and Roll to every country kid in several states between there and the Rocky Mountains. The Beach Boys, Righteous Brothers, Mamas and Papas, the Supremes, Simon and Garfunkel and so many more. And, of course a few slow dances with Bobby Vinton.
The window to a world I was yet to know was as simple as a nine-volt battery in a transistor radio.
Julie can be reached for comment at jcarternm@gmail.com


The blog is working again!  Thank you tech support!  I have started a new page of playlists.  The newer one starts with the 8-3-11 Real West from the Old West show.  If you want to see what I played earlier you can check it out on the other page.  It’s just a way of letting you know what I play. If you have not sent me a recent CD, or even an older one, and it fits with what I play, please feel free to do that!  I love new CDs! My mailing address is 220 S Gold Ave, Deming, NM  88030.  I’ll be happy to give a listen!

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