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Terry Nash

After a brief email conversation, I received a new Cowboy Poetry CD from Terry Nash, “Calf Pullin’ Made Simple.”  The title is intriguing!  It immediately brought back memories of my life on the ranch as a kid. I couldn’t wait to listen!

Terry Nash recites poetry with a rich, clear voice and you can understand every word. Not only do you understand the words coming out of his mouth but also out of his heart!  The first peom “Hi and Stella” is funny and gets you in the mood to listen to more! “The Countess and Clementine” is funny but also touching…I love it!  It’s amazing what a cute calf can get away with.  This is followed by the triligoy about the cow heard.  Boy, do these poems hit home…anyone whoever had a cow/calf operation will identify with these stories and emotions!  “Grandma and Herb” is a good “banker” story that you might appreciate. The last cut is the title cut “Calf Pullin’ Made Simple.” This poem…you just have to listen to!

There are 13 wonderful poems on the CD with intros for most of them.  You will enjoy it!  To add “Cow Pullin’ Made Simple” to your collection, you  can reach Terry Nash at tknzoo@acsol.net or log onto his website at www.terrynashcowboypoet.com.

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