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The Eyes of a Cowboy

I was sitting in my office one day and my cell phone rang.  I’ve lost track of time, it may have been 6 months ago…maybe a year.  It was J Parson.  He introduced himself, told me about his music and told me he wanted to send me a CD.  J Parson sounded like the real deal on the phone, we talked and laughed and I instantly felt I had just made a new friend. Then I received the CD.  And I knew I had just become a FAN!

The Eyes of a Cowboy has 12 tracts of great songs.  They are not all cowboy songs, but as J says on his website (www.jparson.com), he doesn’t just write cowboy songs, but songs cowboys like to hear.  There is not a loser on the CD.  I particularly like The Eyes of a Cowboy, Carissa Plains, Blue Mountain Home and He Wore a Blue Bandana…but they are all good! The music is simple and wonderful!  J Parson is joined by Bunky Spurling (lead guitar & bottleneck guitar), Randy Sears (percussion), Eric Hershkowitz (resonator guitar) and Rod Armstrong (bass) and they all do a fine job. And…all the songs on the CD are written by J Parson!  What a treat!  It’s my pleasure to play J’s music on The Real West from the Old West.

To buy The Eyes of a Cowboy or Cowboy Tradition or Cowboy, Nothin’ More…lot onto www.jparson.com. They’re all there!  Enjoy!

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