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Kristyn Harris

Kristyn Harris is a 16 year old (maybe she’s 17 by now) native Texan whose love of western music and horses is going to take her places!  With her clear strong voice and musical talent and help from the likes of Devon Dawson, she has only just begun. Her CD, “My Mustang, My Martin and Me” will thrill you if you’re a lover of western swing music!  She sings classics like “Roll On, Texas Moon,” “Swing Time Cowgirl,” “Carry Me Back to the Lone Prairie,” “Across the Alley from the Alamo,” “How the West was Swung,” “Ridin’ Down the Canyon,” “Roly Poly” and  “Twilight on the Trail” and her own re-write of “Sioux City Sue” and her compositions “Ridin’ Away” and “Yodelin’ Fever.” Kristyn is joined on the CD by Jack Walton, Matthew Walton, Rodeo Kate, Chuck Dawson and Devon Dawson.  It’s a class act!

As soon as I put the CD in the player I was excited.  It’s so nice to see someone so young and talented getting into the western music field.  It’s young folks like Kristyn Harris who is going to keep western music alive!  To find out more about Kristyn Harris or to order “My Mustang, My Martin and Me,” log onto www.MustangSwing.com/Kristyn

Keep ’em comin’ Kristyn!

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  1. Current website is now: http://www.kristynharris.com
    Thanks for this great writeup!

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