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CSWM Heroes for 2011

I just received the following list of award winners from the Cowtown Society of Western Music.  Congratulations to all!

2011 CSWM List of Hero Inductees:

The 13th Annual Cowtown Society Of Western Music’s

Swing Fest will be held at the Holiday Hills Country

Club in Mineral Wells, Texas on Saturday, May 7th.

Living Legends Award is presented by CSWM/Backforty Bunkhouse Productions

· Living Legend – Herb Remington, TX

· Living Legend – Louise Rowe, OK

· Living Legend – Ora Mae Hubbard, TX

· Living Legend – Pat Jacobs, TX


Western Swing Heroes (Living)

· Walter Lyons, TX

· Charlie McBay, AR

· Bert Rivera, TX

· Kinneth Doyle, TX

· Jimmy Burson, TX

· Ray Benson, TX

· Rod Foster, TX

· Bob Genzel, AR

· Gene Carter, OK

· Bob Lemley, TX

Western Swing Heroes (Posthoumus)

· Merle David, TX

· Billy Braddy, TX

· Curtis Doyle, TX

· Clyde Brewer, TX

· Candy Bennett, TX

· Carolina Cotton, CA

· Dean McKinney Moore, CA

· Wade Peeler, TX

· Loyd Edwards, TX

Additional categories

· Jason Roberts, TX Promoter

· Enola Gay Mathews – KSST – Suphur Springs, TX  Disc Jockey

· Big Balls Of Cowtown Gary Beaver/Joyce Miller Venue of the Year

· Coleman Smith, TX Rising Star of the Year

· WSMSS Chuck Hayes Swing Beat, Publication of the Year

· Katy Brown, TX President’s Choice Award

· Bob Williams, OK Creative Achievement Award

· Dorothy Blair, OK Fans of the Year

· Dick & Rhonda Craig, OK Fans of the year

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