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Sheriff Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson has an entertaining life.  He was wearing his firearms expert hat when I first met him at the NRA Convention in Phoenix sometime around 1995.  He has been a law enforcement officer, he writes articles for gun magazines, probably does a little hunting and he sings western music!  What am I missing Jim?  The part that interests me now is the western singer.

I first heard Jim Wilson sing at the Gathering in Alpine in 2007.  I’ve said that a few times!  It was a great Gathering and I met many wonderful people! But my capacity at that gathering was photographer and listener!  That was before my DJ life.  I liked his music then and I like it now!


“West of Somewhere” is Jim Wilson’s new CD.  The title song is one that he wrote and it’s beautiful!  You’ll love it.  There are also several Ian Tyson songs like “Eighteen Inches Of Rain,” “Somewhere In The Rubies,” “Short Grass,” “Cowboy Pride” and “Summer Wages.” And Tom Russell’s “Blue Wing.”  And…seven more songs!  To purchase this CD log on to http://sheriffjimwilson.com.  You should buy a copy of “Border Bravo” while you’re there too!  You’ll enjoy it!

And if you are in the vicinity, Jim Wilson will be joining Jim Jones at a “house concert” in Deming at the Adobe Deli, May 6 at 6:00 pm!  Come out and join us for a lot of good western music!

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