A blog about Cowboy Music, Western Swing and Cowboy Poetry. 2014 WMA Radio DJ/Radio Program of the Year

Second year anniversary!

The Wednesday show on March 30 will end the 2nd year of Totsie Slover’s “The Real West from the Old West” radio show!  Thank you for letting me play your great music and cowboy poetry on KOTS AM1230, Deming, New Mexico!  The show started with my husband Howard Staub in September, 2006.  When he started the show we started attended gatherings and events in the somewhat local area…from Lordsburd to Alpine to Albuquerque.  We met some of the greatest people along the way!  After Howard’s unexpected illness and death and after I got my feet back on the ground, I realized I didn’t want to give it up!  It was the Western Music Family and Howard’s friends that kept me going through it all and I was really enjoying getting reacquainted with the music and the artists.  I grew up with Western Music attending dances in Animas, Hachita and Lake Valley as a kid and didn’t know there was any other type music.  I was always a Country/Western fan!  Then Country took a strange turn and when I realized there was so much good Western music still out there, I became  a radical Western Music Fan.  So…thank you Howard for enlightening me!  And thank you Joe Baker for all the help and support getting me started. And thank all of you artists for making me realize I was doing something good for the genre!  So, I’m excited about starting a new year with lots of great music and poetry to share on the air!

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