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Rod Taylor

At my first “Cowboy Poetry and Western Music Gathering” in Alpine, TX, the singer who made the biggest impression on me was Rod Taylor. He has a great voice and sings wonderful songs!  In fact I have adopted “The Real West” as my theme song and start every show with it! Besides all of that however…he’s the real deal.  He spends his life making sure the cattle on the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch near Cimarron, New Mexico are taken care of. That about as “cowboy” as you can get. 

His first CD is “Ridin’ Down The Canyon” which is the source of “The Real West.”  Another cut on that CD that I love is “Ridin’ Down the Canyon.”  I know many cowboy singers have recorded that old Gene Autry/Smiley Burnett song but none do it better than Rod Taylor in my book.  The Rifters, the group that Rod Taylor plays with, recorded a CD aptly named “The Rifters.”  They are a popular band in northern New Mexico and one of these day I hope to be at the right place at the right time and catch them in person.  They sound great on the CD!  Rod does the vocals on this one in “The Edge of Texas”, “Twilight,” and “Flip, Flop and Fly.”

Then last year Rod Taylor released “Here, There or Anywhere!”  It’s a wonderful CD…not a bad cut on it!  I highly recommend it!Here, There or Anywhere It has songs that have been around a while like “Saddle Tramp,” “The Pecos Puncher'” “I’d Like To Be In Texas For The Roundup In The Spring,” “Blue Mountain,” “Chopo,” “Colorado Trail” and “Ridin’ Old Paint.” It also has originals like “Indian Cowboy” a story by Joe Ely and songs that Rod Taylor either wrote or co-wrote: “Dust and Horns,” “Bonita Canyon Drive,” “Condisciple” (with Peter Crook)  and “Makin’ Tracks” (with Ry Taylor). You can buy this CD on Rod’s website at http://rodtaylormusic.net.  You’ll love it!

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